A Guide on Making Money Through Amazon Affiliate Program

Did you know that you can make money with Amazon Associates as long as you have a functional website or blog? The Amazon Affiliate program enables site owners to make up to 4% in commissions for every purchase initiated and completed through shared links. In the US alone, the figures spent on affiliate marketing keep rising. Sounds interesting, right? Here is a guide on how to go about it:

Build an Online Presence

It’s simple. Create a blog or a website. There are free sites building platforms at your disposal like WordPress or Wix. While you can create a free blog, go for a premium plan because they are more flexible and customizable in terms of monetization. Besides setting up a site, create social media accounts for your blog and advertise your blog from there.

Great Content is Not an Exception

How do you build a loyal reader base? Great and original content will do it for you. Readers always come back for more fresh content where they see value. Pick a niche to specialize in, especially one that revolves around Amazon products you wish to advertise and ensure you update posts at least once or twice a week. Avoid making it obvious to your readers that you are after money as it may turn them off.

Sign Up With Amazon Associates

Before signing up for affiliate marketing with Amazon, first understand what it is all about. Understand the products you will be advertising and the commission you will earn. This is because commissions vary with each product.

Amazon affiliate program register page

Once you are ready to sign up, proceed to use a relatable username accompanied by a strong password. Fill in all the required information, your payment address, your site traffic and monetization, etc. and above all, verify your account. Ensure you are doing all this over a secure network to prevent phishing and hacking attempts. If you are using a VPN, carry out a VPN test to confirm it’s worth.

Proceed to pick the best selling products that you will highlight in your content and capture their links for updating.

Update Links Regularly

The links could take an image form, text form or both. Since clicked links have a 24 hours expiry period, make effort to update new ones. You could also share your links in emails to increase purchase chances.

Maximize on Seasonal Content

Amazon makes most sales around holidays like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. Seek to create content and share links that revolve around products that sell most during such seasons to maximize commissions.

Products Over $100 Earn Bigger Commissions

The logic behind this is simple, the more a product costs, the bigger the commission. Specializing with products over $100 will therefore make you more money.

Amazon affiliate program product categories page

Optimize Your Site

You want as much user traffic as possible in order to create greater chances of sales taking place. Optimizing your site will rank it higher in search engines like Google, making it easy for most people to find it.

In conclusion, don’t overlook the need to secure your site and you can do this by first ensuring you are using a secure network. To be precise, using a VPN is important for safety, privacy and anonymity. VPN review sites come in handy when determining the reliability of a service, as you can see from this Hotspot shield VPN proxy review for example.

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