How To Make Money In The Deejaying Business in 2019

The best way to make income when you have a passion for music and the talent to entertain a crowd is to go into the DJ business. Most people have misconceptions about this business and how it works. It may look intimidating and that is because it is. With planning, you can ease yourself into it and gain the self-confidence that you need to be the owner of a successful DJ business.

A few things are at the core of success in this business. That is what we are going to look at here. You will find it easier if you keep the things we are about to list here, in mind.


You cannot work without your tools of trade. You will need to have equipment. Most of the new DJs in the market cannot afford to buy physical equipment and have opted to work with software that simulates what actual decks can do. As an alternative to decks, software will be a good place to start until you have enough to buy the physical equipment that you need like headphones, a laptop and flash drives.


The first kind of software that you will need to start with will have to be something that can simulate what the decks can do. Some of the most popular kinds that you can start with include Traktor, Pioneer DJ, Ableton Live, Virtual DJ and Scratch Live among others. The software is meant to help you acclimate to how you are supposed to be doing your work. They model them after the real equipment to make sure that the transitioning from virtual to physical is easy.


After you have gone through all the stages of finding yourself as a DJ, practicing with software, and how to handle it, you will need to move to the next logical step. This will entail getting equipment that will make you appear professional and aid in making you a better DJ overall. Funding needs to be worth it. That means you need to be sure that you have the dj finance it takes to make it in the market. Sources can include savings or loans. Just make sure that your skills are worth spending money for.

DJ's performing at a party outside

Finding Your Niche

There are many types of DJs and you can become any of these types. You will need to find a niche so that you can capitalize on the unique abilities that you have cultivated up until this point. Some DJs work formal engagements, others work clubs and most tend to exist in a certain specific environment. This enables them to interact with the crowds to make sure that they know what the audience expects them to do.

If you are a formal events DJ, you will learn the kind of atmosphere that exists in such environments and how to cater to it properly. This is not to say that you should limit yourself. It is just a suggestion on how you can find your place in this business and capitalize on its advantages. When your focus is narrow, you will have an easier time increasing your profit margins.

Easing Yourself Into The Industry

The first thing you need to do is build your reputation as a DJ. Your face and name should become synonymous with what you do when you want to make it in the DJ business. When you are starting, do not get too big for your shoes. You will need to do things such as offering discounts and freebies in exchange for a platform that will give you the kind of exposure that you need to make a name for yourself. This is an investment where you take your ‘sweat’ and use it to build your name or brand. You will need to network and find friends and people in the business to help you break into it. Networking is very crucial in this stage. Focus on getting the ball rolling first before anything else.

Business Management

When you are a DJ going into the market alone, you will need to deal with some paperwork but it won’t be hard. Outside of taxes, a license to practice and sometimes a noise permit, you will not have much else to do. Registering the business is important. Do it as an LLC or S Corporation. It will give you a professional look and keep any liabilities that may crop up at any time, at bay.

A skilled DJ

Skill Craft

When you have gone into the business and gained a foothold, you will need to work even harder to perfect your skills. The one thing that should always keep you in business needs to be the skills you have. Be so good that you never have to compete with the same people all the time. It is all about going up on the charts. Most DJs stagnate when they start making a few bucks. You do not have to settle for less.


Expanding and marketing has never been easier. The internet is a mean and vile place but sometimes it works miracles for businesses that want to take off. The competition has also become fierce because of this. The means to advertise are there. All you need to do now is come up with a unique way of presenting yourself. If you can take these social media tools and use them to your advantage, you will find the rewards to be very lucrative in a short span of time. Get positive reviews and watch yourself soar.

To Sum Up

Any new venture that you ever get into will need you to do some experimentation to see what works best. You need to find a place within which you are comfortable. This is like finding the right frequency where the signal is clearest. If you are optimistic and skilled, you will find the DJing business to be quite rewarding. As usual, try walking out of your comfort zone and find new opportunities that others might have missed.

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