Low Cost Breaks In The UK Rise In Popularity

With the majority of the UK population keeping an eye on their purse strings after the recent economic downturn and the growing strength of the Euro, it’s no surprise that holidays in the UK have seen an increase in popularity.

Traditional seaside destinations such as Blackpool and Skegness have been making efforts to rejuvenate their tourist appeal over the years, and with consumers looking for lower priced holidays, more and more are flocking to the coasts.

Whilst resorts such as Southport and Bognor Regis have seen a dramatic increase in popularity, the boom in UK based tourism has not been exclusive to the coasts, as there has been a noticeable rise in the number of people taking a city break. With cities such as London offering so much, residents of the UK are looking for theatre breaks, museum trips and long weekends in the capital, whilst a growing number are looking for short breaks in historic cities such as York and Bath.

When looking at the costs, it’s clear to see that choosing a break in the UK over a destination such as Spain is considerably cheaper having factored in accommodation, flights, airport taxes and currency exchanges.

However, with the unpredictable weather the UK experiences, it’s easy to see why people are choosing activity based weekends and short breaks that are fun for all the family. And whilst the summer holidays are in full swing, many parents are choosing a theme park holiday or a stay at an indoor activity holiday resort, keeping the children and family entertained at minimal cost.

So despite the UK’s temperamental weather, it may just pay to take a holiday in the UK this year.

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