LLM – a Comprehensive Guide

The LLM degree is also known as the Master of Laws. It is one of the most well-recognized postgraduate law degrees around the globe. To pursue this degree is a big choice and a challenging decision because it requires considering various factors before you make the final decision about it. For instance, it’s quite absurd to choose this degree if you know nothing about how to undertake the LLM, what kind of funding options are present, the list of subjects that are part of the LLM degree, how to generate funding for it, application tips and much more. So, the ignorance of all such factors may cause you to make the wrong decision.

Here in the present discussion, we spotlight all the significant aspects and factors everyone must know about the LLM degree. Admittedly, the comprehensive guide will make your final decision about pursuing the degree easier for you. You don’t need to be worried about subject choice and career opportunities, as everything will be apparent in the present discussion.

What Is Preferable? Full Time, Part Time, or Distance Learning?

Let’s discuss all these types of learning briefly.

Full-Time Learning

Undoubtedly, the difference between all these types of learning is quite evident to everyone. A full-time LLM degree requires complete attention and devotion to the study, just like any other postgraduate degree. If you choose full-time learning, then you will have to attend all the courses. Similarly, it is essential to participate in the seminar and other curriculum activities. Full-time LLM degree requires nine to twelve months, and you have to complete 40 hours per week for this purpose.

Part-Time Learning

Conversely, in part-time LLM, you will have to attend lectures and seminars; however, the classed timing may vary. The part-time LLM course is ideal for those people who continue to study with their job. That’s why; most of the part-time LLM classes take place on weekends on in the evening after the office timings. The part-time programs are much popular because students can easily manage them with their jobs.

Data analysis and research

No matter if the student wants to choose tax law careers or any specialized legal training, the part-time study programs are quite competent to meet all such requirements.

Distance Learning

The distance learning for LLM students is different from full time and part-time education. In this type of learning, students may need to attend some mandatory introductory sessions, but they don’t need to visit university daily. Usually, distance learning courses are conducted and delivered by online sessions or via email. The overall time to complete an LLM degree by choosing distance learning depends on your commitments and how much time you can give to your courses.

Distance learning is eminent among all those who live in rural areas or don’t have competent academic facilities within their geographical boundaries. But nowadays, due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, most of the educational institutes are promoting online seminars and classes as it is the best way to avoid the exposure of deadly coronavirus. It is a visible initiative as students learn something productive, but they are correctly following the SOPs and protocols according to the government’s instructions.

LLM Funding

Before you pursue the course, let us explicitly explain to you one thing that the LLM is a bit expensive program. You have to spend a considerable amount of money on the accomplishment of the LLM degree program. However, each university’s overall fee structure is different as each university designs the fee structure by prioritizing various significant aspects. Mostly, an LLM degree doesn’t come with the proper loans, but you can choose multiple funding options to bear all your expenses.

For this purpose, you can rely on the savings you have saved for the LLM degree. Or, you choose part-time study along with the job so that you can pay your fee timely along with the rest of the expenditures. Luckily, you can apply for different LLM bursaries and LLM scholarships to get an education without any financial constraints.

A piggy bank and Dollars

Now you must be thinking about what the difference between bursaries and scholarship is. Most of the time, the universities offer scholarships to brilliant students based on their exceptional academic record. If you are intelligent enough, then you can apply for an LLM scholarship easily. If you have any financial problems, then it is preferable to deem it over the option of LLM bursaries. No matter if you are not a bright student or don’t have an extraordinary academic record, you are still eligible for LLM Bursaries.

Remember, such scholarships and bursaries cover the part of your study expenditures, so you may apply for the student loans to complete your LLM degree without any problem. Most of the banks offer student loans, and you can use them for any of the loans based on your needs, requirements, and practicability.

Don’t worry if the limited financial resources are a problem for you because now almost all the universities offer student loans and bursaries for the brilliant and needy students quickly. No matter if due to any reason you couldn’t apply for the scholarship because the student loans are still a glimmer of hope for you. If you were not asking for the LLM degree program due to the financial restrictions, don’t waste time and apply for the desired degree before its too late.

Subject Choice for LLM Degree

It is solely your decision whether you want a general LLM degree or aim at getting a specialized LLM degree. The specialized LLM degree is available with particular courses, and give in-depth information about the relevant degree programs. Usually, most of the students practice the LLM program, and they know exactly everything about LLM specialization and which specialization is perfect for their career. However, you don’t have to practice lawyers to undertake specialist LLM. For instance, the person who is already running a business can go for the LLM specialization as the specialized degree mainly covers criminal Law, business law, and intellectual property law.

Scales of justice and a legal gavel

For each degree program, you need to improve your research skills because these degree programs are incomplete without dissertation and other research paperwork. No matter what specialization area you have chosen, it is quite essential for you to work on your research skills. Because research skills have great importance for your successful academic career, and you cannot achieve your goals if you lack some necessary research skills. Nevertheless, for a lawyer, impressive debate skills are essential too. You cannot be a successful lawyer if you cannot prove your statement, or you can’t validate your point.

Along with the academic skills, we suggest you work on your debate skills as well because an influential lawyer is the one who knows how to grab the attention of everyone with an impressive selection of words. Undoubtedly, the debate skills don’t have much importance in academic life. Still, there is no denial in the acceptance of the fact that they are incredibly beneficial when the practical career starts.

We want you to decide the right subject choice for you because your entire career relies on it.

Who is Eligible for an LLM?

A lot of us wrongly assume that there is no scope of LLM degree outside of Law, but it is not true at all. Factually, the LLM degree offers you multiple options regarding the career and gives you an excellent opportunity to understand everything about the legal theory.

The LLM degree has substantial importance if you are;

Thinking about a career in Law

If you have completed LLM with other advanced courses, luckily, you have a high demand to achieve your milestones in less time. With the specialized courses, you can make your place among the skilled practitioners. It is somewhat challenging for a person who doesn’t have any specialized degree or command over the various courses. So if you dream about becoming a barrister in the future, then surely the selection of an LLM degree is the most excellent decision for you, and you can enjoy the success when you have this degree in your hand.

Cute student with open book

Aiming at specialized legal degree

Luckily, you don’t need to be a fresh graduate if you want to go for an LLM degree. Most of the professionals’ solicitors go for this course to unlock further endeavors in their life. No matter if you have a strict working schedule, you can still complete your LLM study as part-time, and distance learning is an excellent option for all those who want to manage their research and their tight schedule. These learning types help to maintain a work-life balance in your life.

Interested to learn more about legal theory

There is no specific rule that you can only pursue an LLM degree if you want to become a successful lawyer in your life. The degree program has various other benefits in your practical experience. LLM is a fantastic way to improve your learning skills and better knowledge about the laws and other facts associated with it. Like any master’s degree, LLM prepares you well for further study and other better options, including a Ph.D. program. Precisely, it is the most unusual way to explore more about your academic accomplishments.

Final Words

Without a doubt, LLM is a fantastic degree and has a massive scope in the future. If you want to become an enthusiastic lawyer in the future, we recommend you go for the LLM degree. The degree, along with its incredible advantage, gives you an enhanced edge when you step into the market for a better job opportunity.

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