Latest Trends in Seed Stage Investments

It is common knowledge that businesses are expanding, and many investors are looking for the ideal company to place their shares. Additionally, it is widely known that the market for venture capital is more competitive than ever.

Because of this, trends in this sector determine which companies and industries will be the most successful in the years to come. Check B Capital Group for more details if you plan to find investors and join the trend.

Discover the most significant developments or trends currently influencing the seed stage investments sector.

Algorithms Can’t do Everything

VCs are looking to machine learning to find winners. An algorithm can analyze hundreds of data points to determine a company’s feasibility, but venture capitalists still require intuition. 

Venture capital is pattern-matching and anti-pattern matching. Single outlier companies that seem like the anti-pattern generate most venture capital returns early on.

Uniqueness alone isn’t enough. An algorithm can find anti-patterns or anomalies but may not analyse the qualitative parts of venture capital judgment, including whether the anti-pattern is fresh and rational.

The Number of Megadeals is Expected to Increase

“Unicorn” refers to a startup company that is privately held and has a valuation of at least $1 billion.

In the past, people would use this term to refer to a very select group of very exclusive private businesses. That is no longer the case.

When 2015 rolled around, there were approximately 142 unicorns worldwide.

The company CB Insights reports that there are currently 1,214 unicorns in existence. They are combining their values to a total of $3.9 trillion.

Looking through the data provided by CB Insights, you will notice that the list contains at least three hectocorns, defined as privately held startup companies worth at least $100 billion.

A Chinese company is one of these businesses.

Another company is now believed to be a hectocorn, which has a valuation of 225 billion dollars, while another one has a valuation of 137 billion dollars. Also, a top-rated fast fashion online company is worth $100 billion.

More than 50 decacorns are also on that list out of 84 created since 2007, decacorns are companies worth at least $10 billion.

A business meeting in progress

Seed Stage Investments are Unique

Seed finance for companies became so popular before the coronavirus that many organizations specialised in it. 

Every venture fund briefly became a seed investor because it appeared hotter and more exciting. Still, seed investing differs highly from series A and late-stage investment and requires distinct disciplines. Since there is so much seed funding, those people can focus on starting companies.

Equity Crowdfunding Enables Normal People Access to Venture Assets

Since the beginning of startups, as we know them, venture capital firms have been the dominant force in the business world of new businesses.

Now, investors from all other sectors of the global financial and commercial world are looking for ways to access the outstanding returns earned by the venture community.

Crowdfunding using one’s own money is becoming an increasingly important factor in this.

Equity crowdfunding platforms make it possible for non-traditional investors to invest in firms by combining their funds with those of other small investors on the forum.

A Prime Hotspot for Venture Capital Investment

VCs are investing in tech-savvy countries and localities. They intend to find a business in a particular that earns a lot.

Recent billion-dollar corporations can be observed over the years. This decade’s innovations are ecosystem-driven.

With that, here are some top venture capital trends:


Venture capital firms invest in AI/ML startups because they affect healthcare, banking, and retail.


Advanced technologies improve diagnostics, drug discovery, and individualized therapy, increasing biotech and life sciences spending.


Financial technology disrupts banks and finance. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital wallets attract venture capital.

ESG Investing

ESG investing in venture capital businesses helps entrepreneurs address environmental, social, and ethical challenges.

Collaboration Tools

The pandemic and growing popularity of remote work have venture capitalists investing in remote work and team collaboration startups.

D2C and e-commerce brands

E-commerce, logistics, and D2C businesses are getting more significant investments because of the pandemic.

A robot and a doctor

Health IT

Telemedicine, digital health, wearables, and other health tech startups receive venture funding.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous cars, drones, and intelligent transportation firms receive significant funding as transport evolves.


Venture capital firms are investing in imaginative cybersecurity solutions to safeguard businesses and consumers from escalating data breaches and cyberattacks.


Space exploration and satellite technology have opened up new economic opportunities and advances, drawing startup money.


Online learning and digital classrooms drive venture capital investment in new education technology platforms and solutions.

Food Supply Chain AgriTech

Venture capitalists fund firms that modernise agriculture, improve food supply networks, and encourage sustainable farming.

Smart Cities/IoT

IoT and smart city technology will improve daily life and cities. Venture capitalists back them.


Venture capitalists are observing VR, AR, and MR grow.

Early-Stage Investments and Accelerators

Investors sponsor startup accelerators and incubators.

Final Thoughts

It is abundantly evident that the venture capital industry is undergoing significant transformations, whether the size of deals, the number of initial public offerings (IPOs), or the rise of SPACs.

The demographics and the market’s financial features are beginning to impact the funding mechanisms for new businesses.

Always keep an eye on these prevailing trends. They are positioned to continue to cause waves in the industry over the next few years.

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