6 Tips To Keep Your Home Environment Healthy And Fresh

Home is where life begins and ends. A healthy home is like an assurance policy for a healthy life. Nobody likes a messy home, full of mold and litter. Ensuring the health of your home environment is not that difficult in fact. Here are the 6 tips that can help you ensure that your home environment stays healthy and fresh all along.

1. Plant Some Green Plants In Your Home

Nature has solutions to every problem. Air pollution is one of the biggest issues of modern civilization. The fact of the matter is that pollution is not limited to just outside your home. In fact, the air inside your home is way more polluted than the air outside. Taking help from nature is a sustainable solution. Plant a few green plants inside your home. They can purify the air inside your home and help keep the environment fresh and healthy.

2. Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system is the most vulnerable because of pollution. Although it has air filter installed within, the filter also has a lifespan. After a few months of usage, the filter needs replacement. Josh Patterson from Augusta Air Conditioning says that you should have your air ducts cleaned when you move to a new home or finish a renovation project, or when you notice a moldy smell when the air is on. The debris and dust deposited inside the air ducts can enter your house’s atmosphere and pollute it. By now, you would have understood why maintaining your air conditioning system is so important.

Wind chimes made from coloured glass

3. Hang A Few Windchimes At Your Windows And Doorways

This might sound a bit odd but researchers have found out that certain sound frequencies are able to clear the air and cheer up the environment. Although windchimes have nothing to do with the air pollution in your home. Installing windchimes can lift up your mood.

The frequencies that these windchimes produce are very effective in cheering up the mood and soothing the same. You should definitely hang a windchime or two at your windows and doorways to freshen up your home’s environment naturally. Windchimes don’t need any power source to produce sound. They chime when they are hit by a light breeze.

4. Install An Air Filter In Your Home

Despite the fact that your air conditioning system is installed with an air filter, you should still install an air filter in your home. The filters in the air conditioners only work when the air conditioner is switched on. And we all know, air conditioners are not operational throughout the year. Unless you live in a tropical region. So, rather than relying on the air conditioner’s filter, you should opt for an in-house air filter. Having said that, the filter in the air conditioning system filters the air from outside the home to inside. To filter the already present air inside your home, an in-house air filter is essential.

5. Keep Your Home Dry All The Time.

Moist and damp places are home to numerous disease-spreading insects and organisms. A few examples of organisms that thrive on these conditions are cockroaches, molds, mites, and other pests. We all know how these pests can spread diseases like infections, allergies, and skin troubles. This is the reason that you should always try to keep your home dry. Especially, the walls and corners, because these places are playgrounds to these creatures. Not to forget the mold formation. These molds can spread a number of breathing troubles including asthma.

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6. Check For Pests And Rodents

As already discussed, your home is at risk of pest infestation, if left wet and damp. Apart from these environmental conditions, cracks and crevices in walls, windows, and doors are the home to these intruders. You need to keep a close check for open cracks and fill them as soon as spotted. Treat your home regularly with pesticides to keep them from making colonies in your house.

Rodents are the most common problem in almost every house across all the continents, except Antarctica. They can damage your equipment, spread diseases like plague, and of course chew your favorite dress to bits. Keeping a close check for infestation can ensure that your home stays healthy and you as well.

Regular maintenance and fixtures can keep your home healthy. When the home is healthy, it can sustain a healthy life and keep you fresh all the time. Do follow these tips if you wish to stay healthy and live a long and happy life.

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  1. The air filter thing is real. We have a small HVAC business in Boise and we have gotten so many calls about indoor air quality in the last few week with everyone stuck at home. Great article.

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