Is Your Sir Edward Elgar £20 A Collectors Item?

The Sir Edward Elgar £20 note will no longer be legal tender from June 30 2010. Before you spend your hoard of these though just make sure you don’t have one that could be a collectors item.

Sir Edward Elgar has been on the £20 note since 1999 but from the end of June this year these banknotes will no longer be legal tender. The £20 note with the Scottish economist and Wealth of Nations author Adam Smith launched 3 years will be the only legal tender £20 banknote.

It seems though that the Sir Edward Elgar £20 note could be worth several hundred pounds in a few years time – well that is nearer 50 years time and then only if it’s in mint condition and has a collectable serial number.

The serial number you really need for the £20 note to have the potential of making some good money is one aligned to the first or last batch of notes produced – with a prefix of DE41 for the first batch and probably EH40 for the last batch.

Maybe it’s time to start checking – needless to say I’ve checked and I don’t have any such gems!

Whilst you’re checking, spare a thought for any retro toy or book items  you may have. Your collection of ‘junk’ could be worth a fortune. A good ZX80 can sell for hundreds of pounds and even some of the vintage ladybird books can fetch £10+.

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