Is Commission Work Lucrative and 5 Potential Careers

Looking for work can be a taxing experience. It is like walking to the edge of a cliff and looking over. There are different company cultures to take into consideration as well as the benefits offered by the company. The commute gets considered, and the home life balance gets established. With all these things, pay remains the main reason a person would accept or not accept a job offer, including jobs that pay a commission.

Please continue reading to discover Whether commission is lucrative, different types of commission, and some commission-based careers.

Commission is a form of payment based on an individual’s job performance. An agreement with your employer about how much of a sale is yours once it’s made is established. For some people, a structured salary is the only way to work. However, for others, commission base jobs are the answer.

Some benefits of working on commission include:

  • Being rewarded for your work
  • You have unlimited earning potential
  • You can create a flexible schedule
  • There are text benefits

In addition to the goals being different for different jobs, there are also multiple types of commission. Although they are more types of commission the main ones are:

  • Straight commission
  • Draw against future commission
  • Salary plus commission
  • Salary plus bonus

Some jobs that can include lucrative commissions are:

1. Real Estate Agent

Since customers always want to buy or sell a home, real estate agents will always have employment. As one of the more lucrative commission-based jobs, a real estate agent’s salary is based on how many homes they sell.

Both the agent helping the person pick out a home and the agent helping to sell a home share play roughly 5 to 6% of the home price. That means on a house that costs $300,000; the agents have an opportunity to make between $7,000 and $9,000 each.

Although many agents work for a company, there are fees that they pay out of their commission. However, being a real estate agent is a great way to make a lucrative commission.

2. Travel Agent

Although many websites offer to make travel arrangements, there is nothing like going into an agency and working with a certified travel agent. For them, the commission comes from vendors’ wholesale vacation packages to properties worldwide.

A real luxury for travel agents is that they know that when people come into their shops, they want a vacation package. Therefore there isn’t a lot of selling involved; it is just a matter of determining where they will go.

3. Advertising Sales Agent

If you enjoy meeting with clients and are can persuade, an advertising sales agent may be the job for you. As an advertising sales agent, you will sell advertising space to multiple businesses and individuals. In addition to contacting clients, maintaining client accounts, meeting sales quotas, and making sales presentations.

For the most part, advertising sales agents can work in various industries, including radio, internet publishing, magazines, and television.

One job that is a lot like advertising sales agents is affiliate marketing. This term is used a lot on social media by significant influencers. They use their audience and pages for advertising for customers as affiliate marketers. That means that they would get an affiliate commission from those companies. This is one of the best ways for a layperson to work as an advertising sales agent and earn an extra income.

Executives in a business meeting

4. Sales Engineer

If you have the technical expertise and the ability to sell, becoming a sales engineer is a great way to earn money. The typical earning for a sales engineer is over $100,000 and some make as high as $200,000.

Sales engineer jobs are usually found in the manufacturing or technology industry. The salespeople help customers customize packages that will work for their companies. For most sales engineers, their commissions accompany a base salary.

5. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services

Compared to other commission-based jobs, these fast-paced positions are a great option. They support clients by playing a role in the financial aspects for individuals and companies. Earning potential for financial jobs can be as high as almost $200,000.

As you have read, commission is an excellent option for employees who don’t want to be confined to a desk for eight hours. There are benefits for those looking for commission-based jobs that traditional jobs don’t offer. The five lucrative commission base jobs listed above are great for those looking to get a commission-based job.

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