13 Inspirational Examples of Unique Furniture Designs

Inspiring and innovative furniture is the center of the design industry. It takes a lot of hard work and creativity to come up with inspiring coffee tables, beds, chairs, and sofas. Over time designers have been coming up with inspiring, innovative and creative furniture for all kinds of businesses. The concepts are well-executed as it offers practical use and has a beautiful and genius look. The results improve the general outcome of your interior and exterior design and are durable enough to last for years without going out of style.

If you visit some of the Northern Miami office locations you’ll spot some creative, innovative, and incredible furniture designs. Businesses have adopted quality with a mix of modern and classics that have been in existence for many years. The best bit is that the furniture is designed with the users in mind. That’s why this area is expanding business-wise and a great contributor to the success of Florida as a whole. Check out these fantastic designs, and feel free to let us know which one you’d prefer in your home.

1. Nook Coffee Table

Looking for a creative, inspiring, and multifunctional coffee table, but your living space is limited? Nook Coffee table is a beautiful and imaginative piece that provides a perfect and incredible balance of table space and storage capacity. This design is great for restaurants, office dining rooms, as well as homes.

2. Floating Wall Desk

A floating wall desk is a perfect idea if you have limited space. This design allows the users to either use a standard sitting height or stand while working on it. The clever and exciting part of this is the provision of the surface slide and wire management tool. A great option if you have limited space. Some offices use it at the reception for customers to use to do their paperwork while standing. Plus, it can be integrated with other designs.

3. Parker Table

Parker table is the perfect accent of any living accent. It is by far the most remarkable furniture example you could come across. The parker table will not go out style soon; it’s here to stay as it evokes a lifestyle of informality and exquisite elegance. Don’t be left out. Get this magnificent piece to complete the interior of your home.

4. Bookworm Bookshelf

How many books do you read in a month? This genius bookshelf design will give you ultimate comfort while you immerse yourself in the deep sea of literature. It is perfectly designed with a solid steel base to provide a firm stand for the bookshelf. What makes it stand out is the provision of a light bulb and seating area for late-night reading.

5. Rocking Wheel Chair

A rocking wheelchair is a perfect design that you can’t afford to miss in your house. The futuristic and cheesy look, which is perfectly augmented with the overhead reading lamp, creates an inspiring and elegance in your home.

6. Disk Chair

If you’re looking for an exquisite and perfect accent for a patio or poolside, don’t look further. The disk chair is the perfect example of what you’re looking for if you are into the swimming business.

7. Adagio Swings

Whoa! Summer is here! These basket swings give a perfect presentation on how to inculcate the inner child in you. Take a break from the ever-busy office life and playfully swing to your heart’s satisfaction.

8. Bathtub Sofa

If you’re a sucker for sofas, then this bathtub sofa is a creative inspiration. The bathtub is beautifully crafted from vintage cast iron, and it can be upholstered in the fabric you desire. Make your guests love you with this thoughtful creation.

9. Animal Tables

Nature is a great inspiration for many interior design works. Animal tables happen to be the epitome of furniture designs. Using bronze sculptures and glass tops, he creates artistic coffee and dining tables.

10. Cradle Chair

Who doesn’t enjoy rocking to sleep? Most of us like smooth and peaceful sleep and this cradle chair is the perfect answer for you. The chair is inspired by parents who rock children side by side to sleep. It’s ok if you want one; show me a person who wouldn’t like such?

11. Pullout Balcony

This is a brilliant and unique piece for an outdoor space. With a click of a button, you’re able to transform this innovative window into a balcony. So when are you incorporating this excellent idea into your home?

12. Panton Chair

Panton chair is another exciting and creative furniture design that we couldn’t ignore. Its first appearance to the public was in 1967. If you visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York, you’ll not miss this Panton chair as it is a classic modern furniture design.

13. Lomme Bed

Luxury is comfort. Lomme design platform crafted this unique and artistic egg-shaped bed. It’s a perfect bed sound therapy as it offers consumer soundproof coverage by eliminating background noises and disturbance, giving one a sense of security.

Final Thoughts on Furniture Designs

Furniture comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, you can’t lack the right fit for your office. Whether you are into contemporary designs, want to make your office look creative, something appealing for the reception or an ergonomic manager’s chair for your desk, there’s something for every need. But regardless of what you choose, ensure each piece of furniture you buy is functional and comfortable to use. That’s how you bolster productivity at your workplace.

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