Independent Energy Suppliers

It is shocking that around 17 million households are buying their gas and electricity on standard tariffs and don’t realise that they could be saving around £300 per year if they switched to a better deal with another provider.

I blame the complacency paying by monthly debit engenders – it is so easy to overlook those monthly payments which add up to a huge amount over a year. Of course, that is precisely what energy companies want. They want you to forget about your energy purchases, and let them quietly make huge profits at your expense.

I think most people don’t realise that there are now a large number of amazing independent energy companies that offer a viable alternative to the ‘big six’ providers.

These are very diverse companies with a wide range of objectives such as specialising in green energy, supporting local communities and others designed to help those who struggle with their gas and electricity bills.

Our family switched to a small independent supplier called Bulb recently, which was so easy to do, I wondered why I hadn’t switched before (complacency!). Not only do we save on our energy bills, but we can earn money with their referral scheme and so can you.

Switching energy supplier is easy – the company that you are switching does all the hard work. You just read the meters and spend a few minutes filling in an application form.

To help you find an independent energy supplier, we have compiled this list of all the ones that we could find. We believe that it is comprehensive, but if we have missed one, or details need to be updated, please let us know.

There are some really great deals to be found in this list, and some really good causes that are being supported – environmental and social – so unshackle yourself from those ‘big five’ direct debits and get switching!

Update 11th December 2018

Unfortunately, a number of small energy suppliers have stopped trading such as Future Energy, Spark Energy, Extra Energy and USIO Energy. Their details have been removed from this page.

Update 8th January 2019

Unfortunately, it was announced today that Economy Energy has also stopped trading, and its 235,000 customers will be assigned to a different supplier by Ofgen.

Update 25th January 2019

Independent energy company Our Power has collapsed today, and has been removed from our list. This is the sixth small energy company to collapse in under four months.

Update 14th October 2020

Unfortunately Tonik Energy Ltd is ceasing to trade. Ofgem, the energy regulator, has appointed ScottishPower as the new supplier for its customers.

Please support the following small energy suppliers whenever you can. They need more customers to switch to them from the ‘Big Five’ energy companies.

Independent energy suppliers</h2 Please click on a link to be taken to contact details for each supplier, shown below.

  • Affect Energy
  • Avro Energy
  • Boost
  • Brighter World Energy
  • Bristol Energy
  • Bulb
  • Co-operative Energy
  • Ebico
  • Ecotricity
  • Eversmart Energy
  • Fairer Power
  • Fischer Energy
  • Flow Energy
  • GB Energy Supply
  • Glide
  • gnERGY
  • Go Effortless Energy
  • Good Energy
  • Green Energy (UK) PLC
  • Green Network Energy
  • Green Star Energy
  • ISupply Energy
  • Igloo Energy
  • Nabuh Energy
  • Octopus Energy
  • Ovo Energy
  • Peterborough Energy
  • PFP Energy
  • Powershop
  • Pure Planet
  • Robin Hood Energy
  • So Energy
  • Solarplicity Energy
  • Southend Energy
  • The Energy Deal
  • Together Energy
  • Toto Energy
  • Utilita
  • White Rose Energy
  • Yorkshire Energy

Affect Energy

Affect Energy
0330 60 62 675

Our team has over 50 years of energy experience with one of the big suppliers – so it’s not like we’re new to this.

In that time, we’ve seen that most people just want to get cheap gas and electricity and for their supplier to do what they say they are going to do.

So that’s what we’re doing.

We call this ‘Simply Brilliant Energy’.

Avro Energy

Avro Energy
0330 088 5754

We’re the new guys on the block providing a simple and low cost energy supply. Taking advantage of falling energy prices we’re hoping to save thousands of you lots of money through our low rates for electricity and gas and we are proud to offer this to our customers.

We’re also pretty ethical as you won’t be charged an arm and a leg to leave us, we actually don’t have any exit fees so there’s no pressure if you do decide we aren’t the right supplier for you.



Boost, a brand owned by Ovo Energy, is a pay-as-you-go energy supplier who are putting the power in to their customers hands as they’re the UK’s first truly smart prepayment platform by giving customers the choice of adding credit through a smartphone app linked to a smart meter or at the shops on a Smart card.

Brighter World Energy

Brighter World Energy
0800 028 2332

Brighter World began with a big idea and a bold intention – to create an energy company driven by a social conscience.

For every 2,000 customers who switch, we will install a solar powered microgrid in a village in Africa, bringing clean and reliable electricity to families without it for the very first time.

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy
0808 281 2222

Bristol Energy is a force for social good. Together we’re championing social equality, local renewables and stronger communities.

Bristol Energy offers gas and electricity for domestic and business customers across Bristol, the South West and nationwide.

By providing an alternative income stream to Bristol City Council – to reinvest back into the city – Bristol Energy can help local communities to grow.

We partner with community groups, charities and other organisations that shares our values, and will help deliver our social good mission.


0300 30 30 635

Here at Bulb we keep things simple. We have one tariff for electricity and gas, and it’s the lowest offered by any 100% renewable ​electricity​ company in the UK. Come to think of it, it’s lower than most non-renewable providers too.

Bulb supplies 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas at prices that don’t cost the Earth.

Co-operative Energy

Co-operative Energy
0800 954

One of the biggest differences between us and other energy suppliers is that we’re a co-operative, which means we’re owned and run by our members. Most big energy suppliers are owned by shareholders, so any profit they make goes back to the shareholders, rather than the customers.

As a co-operative, you get a say in how we’re run and where your energy comes from. We work hard to be completely clear and transparent, focusing on our members, customers and long-term sustainability.

When we make a profit, it’s you, our members, and your community who see the benefits, not shareholders.


0800 028 6699

Our mission at Ebico is to help those who are affected by fuel poverty. To do this, we provide attractively priced plans designed for customers who find that their home energy costs are a major item of their household expenditure and who, therefore, need to budget prudently, either by being as efficient in energy use as possible, or through the use of a prepayment meter.

We use the financial surpluses from doing this to support local hands-on projects in fuel-poor neighbourhoods across Britain via the Ebico Trust, our registered charity.


08000 302 302

We operate a unique model. We use our customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of Green Energy.

We like to refer to this as turning ‘Bills into Mills’ – energy bills into windmills. We’re a not-for-dividend company – our profits go back into our mission.

Eversmart Energy

0330 102 7901

Eversmart is at the forefront of the smart revolution, providing flexible, low cost energy with smart technology and exceptional customer service.

Fairer Power

Fairer Power
0800 408 6701

Fairerpower is a partnership formed between Cheshire East Council and OVO Energy.

We want to provide Cheshire residents with affordable energy and help tackle fuel poverty in our area. So Cheshire East makes no profit from the special tariffs we’ve negotiated with OVO Energy.

Fischer Energy

Fischer Energy
0800 103 2769

Fischer Energy is here to bring positive change for customers who value fairness, honesty and loyalty. We offer a simple ‘One Fair Tariff’, to all our customers.

All our customers receive 100% renewable electricity as standard.

Fischer Energy is ‘Powering The Future’ by delivering the fairest and most competitive price we can.

Flow Energy

0800 0920202

We’re a very different kind of energy company.

We offer low prices on home energy, some of the world’s most advanced heating systems and a growing range of intelligent products for the connected home.

GB Energy Supply

GB Energy Supply
0800 6444 451

GB Energy Supply provide gas and electricity to over 140,000 homes across the UK.

In 2016, GB Energy Supply became part of Co-operative Energy, who with no shareholders, have an ambition to offer fair, competitive, no gimmicks prices to all customers.



Glide are the UK’s only dedicated energy provider for students and young professionals.

We deliver one simple monthly bill for all utilities and services, both for students or young professionals in shared accommodation wanting to pay only their share, and for businesses with a portfolio of properties that want an easy solution to avoid hours of admin.


01252 494 141

GnERGY is a new breed of community energy suppliers in the UK. Providing Gas and Electricity in an open and honest way.

Managed by ex Gurkhas, you can be assured that we run our company the same way we approach life, with efficiency, commitment, simplicity and honesty. We put the customer (you!) at the heart of everything we do, offering excellent and friendly service.

Go Effortless Energy

Go Effortless Energy
03333 444109

Go Effortless Energy is a small family run company which was founded in 2013 by Andrew and Melanie Burns. We live in staffordshire.

We started this business as we are frustrated and confused by the big 6 energy companies when we tried to find the best deal for our personal gas and electricity.

Our company is based in the local community and we believe in keeping things simple.

Good Energy

Good Energy

Good Energy is a British renewable electricity company with a difference.

All of the electricity Good Energy provides comes from over 1,000 different locations across the UK, harnessing local, natural sources like sunshine, wind, rain and biofuels. We even own some solar and wind sites including Delabole Wind Farm in Cornwall, Woolbridge Solar Park in Dorset and Hampole Wind Farm in Yorkshire.

And we’ve invested in the planned Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay to further diversify our sources of renewable energy.

We’ve also just launched our carbon neutral green gas with 6% of our gas coming from biomethane: gas produced from organic matter – like manure and sewage – here in the UK.

We want to inspire a UK energy revolution. To break the stranglehold of the big, old-fashioned energy generators and move to a cleaner, greener future.

Green Energy (UK) PLC

Green Energy (UK) PLC
01920 486156

We challenge the idea that ‘being green’ is all about making a big commitment, about making an extra effort, and paying extra costs.

Indeed, companies often talk about green energy as an ‘alternative’. On the contrary, green energy makes sense for everyone, and we want to make it mainstream.

So, our prices are competitive not only within the green market, but also the entire utilities industry. By minimising the cost and effort it takes to switch, we aim to remove all obstacles to going green.

And because we want to give you even more reason to switch, we allow our customers to become shareholders for free.

Green Network Energy

Green Energy (UK) plc
01920 486156

All our tariffs use 100% renewable energy and 100% green gas.

Using the power of falling water, the sun, the wind, and organic waste material, we provide energy that is 100% renewable.

Not only are our tariffs renewable, but they help to clean up and make use of waste products. Some of our generators even use pig poo, skip waste and used chip fat to make electricity!

Green Star Energy

Green Star Energy
0800 012 4510

At Green Star Energy, we do our best to source as much energy as we can from renewable generators to minimise the carbon footprint of energy we supply to homes across the UK.

Last year, we sourced all of the electricity we supplied to customers from renewable generators, including more than half from hydroelectric generators and a large proportion from wind.

Based on this success, we are planning to do exactly the same this year. Since we tend to source our power from renewable generators, the average carbon content of our electricity is far below the UK average, giving you peace of mind that you are also doing your bit for the environment.

ISupply Energy

ISupply Energy
0330 202 0298

iSupplyEnergy is a British-owned independent supplier based in Bournemouth. Launched in 2012, they’re now one of the fastest growing energy companies in the UK and thousands of new customers every month trust iSupplyEnergy to look after their electricity and gas.

Whether it’s straightforward and low pricing, an industry leading online customer portal for managing bills, or an easy switching process, iSupplyEnergy focus on simplicity, fair prices and great customer service.

Igloo Energy

Igloo Energy

Igloo supply energy for the Connected Generation.

Using smart technology alongside energy retail, Igloo Energy has been built to help our customers save energy and money with data driven energy insight, providing personalised recommendations & offers to help you save money and energy.

We offer 3% Interest reward on your credit balance.


0800 023 4171

Liverpool Energy Community Company (LECCY) is brought to you by the Liverpool City Mayor to offer low cost gas and electricity to the people of Liverpool and the surrounding area. Our aim is to reduce poverty in the city and we know that one of the best ways to support people is to help them save money on their energy bills.

LECCY is a partnership between Liverpool City Council and Robin Hood Energy, a not-for-profit energy supplier wholly owned by Nottingham City Council.

There are no shareholders or directors’ bonuses, so all profits go back into keeping prices low for customers and to support energy saving projects to help local people.

Nabuh Energy

Nabuh Energy

Nabuh Energy is a new Energy company, with a new proposition for our customers.

After observing how the big 6 treat prepay customers, Nabuh Energy decided to do something different with a proposition focused on making things more honest, simple and cheap for our customers.

By focusing on the latest technology Nabuh Energy is able to be highly efficient and at the forefront of both the prepay and direct debit markets. Our unique energy trading solution enables us to provide our customers with market leading products at all times.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy

The Octopus mission began in 2011 when we built our first solar generation plant. Since then, we’ve gone on to build 154 solar farms in the UK, not to mention another 66 projects in France.

In fact, the farms we’ve funded generate 40% of all the UK’s large scale solar – enough to power over a quarter of a million homes (when the sun shines!).

The Super Green Octopus Tariff offers 100% renewable electricity, and full carbon offsets for gas. This means that from an energy point of view your home is carbon neutral – leaving no footprint on the planet.

Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy

We’ve been awarded Energy Supplier of the Year, for the third year running, at the 2017 uSwitch Energy Awards.

All our tariffs come with at least 33% renewable electricity as standard.

Stay in credit and we’ll pay you 3% OVO interest rewards on the balance.

Our customers save up to £120 on average.

Peterborough Energy

Peterborough Energy

Peterborough Energy aims to offer one of the most competitive energy tariffs to local residents. This innovative scheme will help you to make savings on your energy bill and give you access to great customer service.

Peterborough City Council has partnered with OVO, an award winning supplier, to bring you Peterborough Energy. We aim to obtain the most competitive and sustainable energy prices for gas and electricity, and pass this benefit on to our customers.

PFP Energy

PFP Energy
01772 395777

We want you to feel in control of your energy. We’ve worked really hard to make sure it’s easy to understand your bills and manage your energy account.

One way we keep your bills low is by keeping everything simple. With us you’ll get simple tariffs, simple bills and a simple online account to manage your energy.


0800 009 3719

Powershop sells electricity in packs of power called Powerpacks. Powerpacks come in lots of sizes and prices so you can buy as little or as much energy as you want at any time.

Our smartphone app and online organiser both show you how long your Powerpacks will last, based on your recent power use.

We’re changing the way you buy your energy by giving you a better way of doing it.

We’re loved in New Zealand and Australia and, having proven ourselves down under, we’re bringing big energy savings and a better, more switched-on energy experience to the UK.

Pure Planet

Pure Planet

Pure Planet charges you a £10 per month membership fee, plus an additional £10 per month carbon offset for natural gas and then charges the energy wholesale costs with no mark up.

The membership fee is the standing charge.

We spread your forecast annual spend across 12 direct debit monthly payments. We collect a little less in summer than in winter to match your energy use.

Easy. Convenient.

Robin Hood Energy

Robin Hood Energy
0800 030 4567

As a not for profit company, we like to do energy differently.

Launched by Nottingham City Council, our mission is to provide low cost energy to all households. No private shareholders. No director bonuses. Just low and competitive energy tariffs. Because we know that no-one wants to overpay for their gas and electricity we work hard to keep our prices low and competitive to help our customers save money on their energy bills.

As the UK’s first local authority owned energy supply company, we set ourselves apart from the ‘Big Six’ and many other private sector energy companies.

We make it easy to switch to Robin Hood Energy, we keep customers on a low price when they renew with us and don’t apply exit fees if they decide to leave their account early.

So Energy

So Energy
0330 111 5050

In 2013-14 trust in the energy suppliers was lower than bankers and politicians. We started So Energy because it doesn’t have to be this way.

By keeping things simple and using the latest technology to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible, we keep our costs to a minimum and pass the savings onto our customers.

We’re the only energy company to have its own Low Price Commitment. If you sign up, or renew your contract, you know you’re getting one of the best value energy deals.

Solarplicity Energy

Solarplicity Energy
0333 0044666

Solarplicity has one simple mission – to provide customers with 100% renewable electricity and totally affordable energy solutions.

Our focus has now evolved, with our name standing for the simplicity of our commitment to our customers – to provide 100% renewable, ethical, affordable energy for all, and build long-lasting relationships founded on excellent customer service, complete transparency and re-education about what a ‘solar’ energy provider can offer.

We only buy renewable energy from suppliers who we know produce it authentically and ethically. This gives us full transparency and control over our fuel mix.

Southend Energy

Southend Energy
0800 408 6711

Southend Energy is a local energy company you can trust. Our aim is to provide you with a hassle-free, customer-focused service and fairer prices for your energy bills.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council have partnered with OVO, an award winning supplier, to bring you Southend Energy. We aim to obtain the most competitive and sustainable energy prices for gas and electricity and pass this benefit on to our customers.

The Energy Deal

The Energy Deal
0800 0281020

We aim to provide a fresh and simple approach to finding you the best energy deals on the market.

Our goals are simple, we want to provide our customers with low energy prices, fantastic customer service and a brand you can really trust and interact with via your favourite social media platforms.

Our mission is simple yet such a powerful movement across the UK. 100,000 customers saving £20,000,000 in 3 years. 123 is the mission of Stoke-on-Trent Mothers / T.E.D. co-founders Abigail & Victoria and is the driver behind their company.

There has never been a greater time to move that £20,000,000 out of the pockets of the energy giants and shareholders and back into the pockets of UK families. Support this movement by becoming a T.E.D. customer and sharing the word with your family and friends today.

Together Energy

Together Energy
0333 150 1699

It all started two years ago when our founders were approached by several large global gas and electricity companies to help enter the UK energy market.

We, the founders, spoke passionately about creating a market identity centred around the needs of the customer. We spoke about creating a price-competitive product that offered a premium service to all with no additional charges. We spoke about incentivising, rather than penalising, customers for loyalty.

We were excited by our pitch, and ready to build an energy company that a consumer can trust. Unfortunately, the conglomerates didn’t share our vision…

So we built it ourselves!

Toto Energy

Toto Energy
0333 210 7070

We’re a different type of energy provider.

We’re based in Brighton and work with local cooperatives to bring you cheaper energy.

We buy gas and electricity at wholesale cost so that we can pass on all the savings to you.

It’s the smart energy choice for people like you right across the country. After all, why pay more?


03303 337 441

We’re the leading provider of smart Pay As You Go energy in Great Britain, installing every customer we supply with free smart meters and a highly competitive tariff.

With over 10 years of experience, we put an emphasis on excellent Customer Care, supporting all of our customers with specialist advisors who are experienced in handling any enquiry.

Established in 2003, we broke into a tough market with the vision of simplifying the service customers were used to receiving from the Big Six.

A large proportion of our customer base have joined us through word of mouth, which we believe is testament to the quality of our product and service.

White Rose Energy

White Rose Energy
0800 022 3553

Set up by Leeds City Council, our aim is to supply fair and competitively priced energy to households across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Any small margins that are generated – once the costs of running the scheme are covered – will be reinvested into initiatives to reduce fuel poverty.

We work in partnership with Robin Hood Energy, through an endorsement, that is formalised under a contract.

Our agreement means that our tariff prices must always stay consistently low and our customer service levels have to be of a very high quality.

Yorkshire Energy

Yorkshire Energy
0333 987 4600

With Yorkshire Energy, what you see is what you get – green, fair-for-all tariffs, hassle-free switching and first class support. We believe everyone should have access to great value gas and electricity, to power the things that matter most to them.

We’re all about fairly priced, efficient energy you can understand, united by the belief that gas and electricity are more than just utilities; they have the potential to transform local economies and benefit entire communities.

At Yorkshire Energy, we’re doing things differently.

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