5 Important Wholesaling Software for New Real Estate Agents

One of the first decisions when beginning to use the wholesaling software for your real estate business is to decide which real estate software fits best for your real estate agents. There are numerous wholesale software systems available on the market, and today, we’re going to highlight the five most important for any real estate agent.

1. Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline is a software application that helps real estate companies manage their business. This real estate wholesaling software is designed for new and established investors, helping them grow their business by automating some of their everyday tasks.

Paperless Pipeline allows users to streamline their workflow, improving productivity and efficiency. In addition, the software works with most accounting packages like QuickBooks and Xero, making it easy to import data into your financial records.

The software also includes a built-in CRM system that allows you to track leads and contacts easily. With this CRM system, you can schedule follow-up calls, emails, or texts with your leads at any time throughout the week or month.

2. REI Closing Docs

REI Closing Docs is one of the most useful software for new real estate agents. It offers a variety of features that can help you save time and effort while working with other investors.

REI Closing Docs is a document preparation and closing management software designed specifically for real estate investors and wholesalers. The software allows users to create custom documents, including contracts, disclosures, letters, notices, and more.

It works by allowing users to create their documents using the online platform. Once your documents are ready, you can send them out electronically to all parties involved in the transaction. Once you receive your signed documents back from buyers or sellers, it’s easy to input all information into the system so you can track your transactions easily. The advantages of using REI Closing Docs include:

  • You can see all documents in one place. 
  • It allows you to send documents by e-mail, fax, or print them out.
  • It works offline, so you can work on your files even if there’s no Internet. 
  • The program stores all information about your clients, properties, and deals in one place hence easy access.

3. Realtyzam

Realtyzam is a software that helps new real estate agents get a footing in the real estate world. It has a simple dashboard that allows you to track your lead generation, email marketing, and social media campaigns. Realtyzam also has an automated messaging system that can be used to send out emails to potential sellers. Realtyzam also has a CRM.

You can also create a pipeline for every client, meaning you can organize them in chronological order and prioritize them based on their value to you. Realtyzam has a note section where you can comment on each lead or contact in case you want to remember something important about them or their property.

Realtyzam also has reporting functionality which allows you to track how many people visited your website or clicked on one of your ads. You will also see how many leads contacted you through email or phone calls, how many visitors converted into leads over time, and much more.

4. Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a cloud-based software that helps real estate agents manage their business more efficiently. It is an all-in-one solution that allows you to send emails, texts, and calls to your leads, manage your schedule and track your sales pipeline.

Follow Up Boss has a very simple interface that makes it easy for new real estate agents to use. With Follow Up Boss, you can create a list of people who have not yet responded to your follow-up messages so that you can send them messages at different times. You can also schedule follow-up messages based on their response rate or the time elapsed since they last opened an email from you. It has many features that will help new real estate agents increase business productivity.

5. DocuSign

DocuSign impresses the real estate industry with its easy-to-use platform. The software provides a digital signature experience that’s more secure than paper, faster than faxes, and smarter than handwritten signatures.

DocuSign helps new real estate agents by providing an easy way to get documents signed quickly and securely. Since their clients don’t have to print out documents or take time out of their busy schedules to get something signed, they are more likely to agree to it. It saves both parties time, money, and hassle.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new real estate agent or a seasoned professional in the business. You can never have too much information on what goes on behind the scenes regarding wholesaling. These five pieces of software are some of the best-rated available, so check them out next time you’re on the hunt for a new program to work with.

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