I’m Earning Swagbucks

You may have seen my article on Swagbucks when I’d just started using it and I felt I was hooked. Well, 3 months on and I’m still busy earning for doing things I like to do online.

I signed up for Swagbucks at the end of the summer, just as the children went back to school. Ideal timing from my point of view as whilst I of course still had work to more than fill my days, I wasn’t also juggling children and trying to enjoy at least some free time over the holiday period.

I found myself watching videos over coffee breaks and filling in surveys over a sandwich. You might think what a dull life I must have been leading. Actually that’s not true at all. I wasn’t filling all my free time doing ‘stuff’ online – I still had to keep fit, walk the dog etc, prepare meals etc in this so called free time!!

Moving house (we now live near Tavistock in Devon) lead to a short spell of inactivity. To be fair this break did mean I lost some momentum. We’re now into a New Year though (wow, where did 2013 go??) and amongst all my resolutions, one is to get back into making money online.

This week I’ve watched some cracking film trailers, earning of course all the time. I’ve a growing list of films I want to see, including Delivery Man and Don Jon.

I’ve also completed a survey around fizzy drink advertising. Made me realise what little impact most advertising seems to have on me. (Is that just me or is that a general view?)

Now, as quickly as I’m earning Swagbucks at the moment I’m spending them on Swagstakes. With these the idea is you have the chance of winning a big prize for a little stake. Alternatively I could save the points up and convert them to an Amazon card for example. That’s not the route for me at the moment.

Right now I have a number of chances underway.

First off I’ve used 1 Swagbuck to have the chance of winning 25 Swagbucks. This will be drawn today – just hope I win!

Second, there’s 3 days still to go on another entry to try and win both a Playstation 4 and an Xbox One. This cost me 20 Swagbucks for just one entry.

Finally, for the moment I’ve entered the ‘One million Swagbuck giveaway’. Yes you’ve guessed this is trying to win a million Swagbucks for a 35 Swagbuck stake. There’s a 2 for 1 offer at the moment, so for my 35 Swagbucks I actually got 2 entries and not just one. Slight snag with this one though is that I’ve got to wait 77 days before a winner is drawn!

One thing that strikes me though as I’m busy earning, is this the best site for me to use? There’s a lot of interest at the moment around making money online and I wonder what other options there are? Food for thought.

Enough of that, I’ve just seen I’ve been invited to earn 135 Swagbucks for completing another survey – I know what I’ll be doing over a cuppa later!

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