How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Accidents

Truck accidents are deadly, and many of them are also preventable. When truck drivers or trucking companies are negligent, the results can prove devastating. In most of these crashes, the passengers in the smaller vehicles suffer major injuries. According to research, the passengers in other vehicles are more likely to die from a truck crush more than the truck driver.

Truckers and their employers have significant responsibility for preventing road accidents. They need to stay alert when at work, adhere to all safety laws, and follow the rules of the road. However, that is just the beginning. This article discusses several tips that can help truck drivers prevent road accidents.

Leave Extra Space

Trucks require a large space since they carry heavy loads. Leaving a reasonable space while driving on the highways plays a crucial role in preventing road accidents. A truck needs more space to stop while in motion. This means that you should keep a distance from one vehicle to another.

Many accidents involving trucks occur due to a lack of space from trucks and other vehicles on the road. To curb this issue, consider the points below.

Be careful when overtaking: This point is also applied to other drivers. Always leave a considerable amount of space when overtaking other vehicles. Typically, a truck needs about 90% more space to stop compared to other vehicles.

Ensure that you can see the road ahead clearly: Driving closer to other vehicles reduces visibility since you cannot see hazards such as poor road conditions, traffic, and construction. When you leave a large space, you will be able to see dangerous situations and react to them quickly.

Note the Blind Spots

Blind spots are hazardous and the leading cause of accidents. How do you note blind spots? Other small vehicles check the truck position through the mirrors. However, when the face of the truck’s driver is not visible, then you are in the truck’s blind spot. Also, it is recommended that when you want to pass other vehicles, use the driver’s side.

A truck in a rear view mirror

This is also important for other drivers: note that the truck has a wide blind spot. Also, the blind spot on the passenger side is huge as compared to the driver’s side. When you want to pass the truck, consider passing on the driver’s side.

Be Careful When Turning

Some accidents occur at the intersection points where trucks turn. Other small vehicles find themselves hitting the truck at the intersection point because:

  • Judging the speed of the truck is problematic
  • A truck requires extra-large space to turn
  • The truck driver can lose visibility

At this point, both the truck driver and other vehicles should be cautious about giving the truck enough space and time to turn.

Use a Road Map

This is one of the best ways to prevent road accidents, even though most truck drivers tend to ignore it. GPS is an excellent tool to use, but remember that it is not infallible since it makes mistakes on some occasions. Acquire a quality road map and compare it with what the GPS is telling you.

Looking at a map in a magnifying glass

Points for Truck Drivers to Note

Many accidents that involve trucks are a result of drivers’ errors. Some of the truck driver’s negligence and mistakes include:

  • Driving long hours without taking regular breaks
  • Speeding
  • Not being adequately trained and licensed
  • Taking energy supplements, alcohol, and other drugs while at work

Most of the causative agents of accidents are preventable. This means truck drivers to be extremely careful to avoid accidents. You can follow this link to read more about preventing truck accidents. Who knows? What you learn could save your life or someone else’s.

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