How to Save Money on Your Video Gaming Hobby

Video games are great fun and compared to some hobbies, relatively cheap. Horseback riding, cross country skiing and stamp collecting are all going to cost you a lot more! However, with some of the huge releases for new games that cost well over fifty dollars a pop, getting your hands on the latest consoles, and even spending a little more than you’d planned on mobile games, it can soon add up.

There’s always something new to save for and this is an area where you can make small changes and see pretty big results. So, if you’re looking to save a few dollars here and there, we’ve got some tips that will take your video gaming hobby from fairly sensible, to super budget-friendly.

Set a Cap on Microtransactions

The sneakiest way that video game costs mount up is without a doubt microtransactions. Mobile games providers are usually the biggest culprits when it comes to asking for small amounts of money but relatively frequently. For example, you might be playing a game where it’s necessary to wait a few hours for a task to happen, often the game will give you the option to pay a couple of dollars to remove the waiting time. Most of us will happily part with such a small amount of money, but if we’re doing that three or four times an evening, then it quite quickly adds up.

One of the simplest ways to take control of your finances is to set yourself a cap on microtransactions. This could be a rule that you set for yourself, but that requires willpower. An easier way to do it is in your phone’s settings. Find the apps where you spend the most money and set yourself a dollar a day cap, or less than that if you prefer. You can turn the cap off if you desperately want to get an upgrade, but try to stick to your goal. The best way to achieve this is to be realistic about the level of cap that will work for you.

Make the Most of Special Offers

It should go without saying, but always check for special offers. PC gamers should make the most of the regular sales on providers like EA and Steam. Often you can save 75% on games and every now and again you can get a little money off the new releases too. If you’re more into iGaming then there are always deals to be had when you sign up for a new casino. Vegas Slots Online compiles useful information into easy-to-digest online casino reviews, including the deposit options available and the sign-up bonuses that are currently on offer.

If you’re considering trying out a new casino site then it’s really worth having a browse through the offers and seeing if you can find one that will save you some money. Slot machine fans can always rely on finding plenty of free spins, where poker and roulette fans should look out for deposit match bonuses to effectively double their play money. Whatever kind of game you like the best, offers, bonuses, sales, and deals are where you’re going to make the biggest savings, so always be on the lookout for them.

Playing a video game

Become a Professional Saver

Although the game sales are a really good way to save money on the older games, the new releases rarely come up and when they do, they don’t receive such generous discounts. If you’re desperate to get your hands on the latest games but really don’t want to fork out from them, then you could take your budgeting to a professional level. Becoming a computer games tester may sound like a pretty extreme step just to save money on your hobby, but there’s nobody that says you have to do it full time.

When games make it to a beta stage of development, companies are always on the lookout for gamers with an eye for detail who’ll give them feedback for free. Some games will allow you to download a beta version for free as standard, others will ask you to apply to be a beta tester. If you have to apply then be sure to take your application seriously, these are the kind of games that you’d pay a lot of money for, so getting to try them out before anyone else is a real privilege, especially the fact that you’re getting to do it totally free.

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