How to Save Money on Your New Phone

Everyone loves a good deal, especially on a big-ticket purchase, and your phone is likely to be up there with the most expensive things you’ll buy. But getting a new one might not be as painful as you think. From smart SIM shopping to leasing your phone, here are some of the best ways to save money on a new mobile.

Go SIM-Only

You’ve got your eye on a new phone, so you hit up one of the big networks and sign up to a long contract. Your handset, calls, texts, and data are bundled into one monthly price – and if you’re after the latest iPhone, that figure won’t be small. It might seem convenient to do everything in one hit, but it’s a sure-fire way to overpay. It can also shackle you to a contract for as long as three years, which, if you don’t switch it, will continue to cost you the same each month, even after you’ve paid off your phone.

SIM-only deals often represent much better value than bundled contracts. That means you pay for your calls, texts, and data on one plan, and pay for your phone separately.

The big networks offer a selection of SIM-only deals alongside their bundles. But the savings really start rolling in when you explore the raft of networks dedicated solely to SIMs. The likes of Smarty and Voxi are smaller businesses with less infrastructure and lower operating costs so they can afford to offer you much better deals. For the best value, choice and flexibility, shop around for the best SIM-only deal for you and sort your phone separately.

Lease Your Phone

Once you’ve got your SIM, you’ll need a phone to put it in. You could buy your phone outright, but if you’re looking for the latest top-of-the-range model, you might have to cut back on expenses elsewhere. And like the proverbial car that loses value as soon as you drive it off the forecourt, your expensive new purchase is going to depreciate rapidly.

Luckily, there’s a new way to get a phone – leasing. With Raylo, you can pay monthly for the phone of your choice and when you’re done, send it back. It’s lower cost than owning it and it’s greener too, as every phone you send back is re-used or recycled, rather than ending up in your junk drawer.

You get all the advantages of a shiny new phone at a better price. What’s not to love about that?

Saving money with a piggy bank

Make Sure You’re Not Overpaying on Your Plan

If you’ve already got a SIM, make sure you’re not shelling out more than you need to each month. Getting a new handset is a good excuse to check you’re still on the right plan for you. Review your usage and compare it to how many calls, texts and MBs of data you’re actually paying for. You can find out by checking your bills or looking at your account online. If you’re not using your allowance each month, you could save money by downgrading your plan. Use a price comparison site to compare your contract with the others that are out there. You may even find a competitor with a similar package to yours at a better price. If your contract has already expired, you should be able to switch straight away by text.

Trade in Your Old Phone

Another way to shave some money off the price of your new phone is by trading in your old one. It’s usually simple to do and it’s much better than holding on to it. Not only will you get some money back, but it’s also better for the environment as your old phone can be recycled or reused.

Get A Refurbished Phone

If you’re happy with a phone that might not be the latest release (but still does everything you need) a refurbed model could be right up your street.

The launches might be as flashy as ever, but new phone drops have increasingly become about evolution rather than revolution. That means the models that came out a couple of years ago are still great in comparison to whatever’s flavour of the month. And you can get a great deal on them, too.

Refurbished phones are more widely available than ever. Refurbed phones tend to come with warranties and go through stringent quality checks to make sure they’re in tiptop condition – so it’s a risk-free option. It’s greener too, so you can feel good about having a positive impact on the planet. With saving money and sustainability always high on the agenda, it’s no wonder this is a trend on the rise.

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