How to Make £100 Each and Every Day without Working

You may have come across many money make ‘secrets’ and ‘guarantees’ in the past and been let down. Maybe someone gave you a stock ‘tip’ or a sports ‘dead cert’ bet that let you down? We’ve heard it all before. Clear those thoughts and/or memories of these negative experiences from your mind as we have discovered a virtually risk-free money maker.

Firstly, we came across the How to make £100 a day blog post that went viral in January 2022. We thought, “Yeah, that’ll never work”, whilst thinking at the back of our minds, “Actually…” And then we gave it a go!

As explained in the link above, the author behind the system uses a famous betting system called the Martingale.

The Martingale system can be explained in a single paragraph – you bet at 1/1 or greater and then every time you lose your bet you simply double your previous stake. Rinse and repeat until you win. “Where can you find a bet of Evens with a 50/50 chance?” Head over to the Roulette wheel.

There are 36 numbers on a roulette wheel plus the number 0, which is the one square we hate. The other 36 numbers are evenly split between Red and Black, and Odd and Even. Each of them has odds of 1/1 and have a 48% probability of coming up.

To make £100 a day, you bet £100 on evens. Now, it’s important to have enough savings to be able to stake after losing four or five spin in a row. Four losses in a row would mean your fifth stake is £1,600 and your overall stake to that point is £3,100.

So, if your income or savings are lower, you may want to aim to earn £20 or £25 per session or per day. Your fifth stake trying to win £20 would be £320 and your overall stake to that point would be £630. So, with anything casino-related, play within your limits.

Ultimately, you win though. And once you have your £20 or £100 profit, you can bet again. So that £20 or £100 multiplies. You could end up withdrawing £500 at the end of each day from just five wins if you so wish to do so. Your sequence could end up something like this:

Bet £20: Lose
Bet £40. Lose
Bet £80. Win (Profit = £20)
Bet £20. Lose
Bet £40. Win (Total profit = £40)
Bet £20. Win (Total profit = £60)
Bet £20. Lose
Bet £40. Lose
Bet £80. Lose
Bet £160. Win (Total profit = £80)
Bet £20. Lose
Bet £40. Win (Daily withdrawal = £100)

As stated earlier, there is a 48% probability of winning with each spin. The example above actually only has a 41% win ratio (5 out of 12) and we still made the £100 profit we aimed for!

We tried to win £25 each session and here’s how it went. The highest stake we ever made was £200 – on two occasions:

Casino betting results

However, there is a catch. If you’re winning £500 or even £100 per day at a casino you will be banned. That’s why, as explained in the Gambling Happy article early in this post, it’s sensible to open several casino accounts and use a different one each day.

Any other catches? None. This method is not affected by the strict regulations of casino bonuses, though any are welcome as they are essentially free bets for more profit.

A profit of £100 a day is £3,000 per month… TAX FREE. That’s the equivalent of a £48,000 annual salary after tax in the United Kingdom. What kind of job would you need to do to earn that? A doctor? IT technician? Yeah, something complicated, many hours a week, and most likely travelling in and out of London. Gambling Happy says they spend 20 minutes a day earning the equivalent.

Earning just £20 a day from this system is still a tidy £600 per month TAX FREE, which is basically earning yourself a free holiday in 20 minutes a day.

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