How to Have a Wedding for Under 10K

A wedding under 10K? While you look at your ever growing expense spreadsheet you might wonder how such a thing is possible. But there are couples out there who have created a picture perfect day with a minimal budget – and here’s how you can, too.

A wedding under 10K

Find an alternative venue

Fancy hotels and stately homes like to slap on the charges when it comes to weddings, holding out their hand for money for everything from a knife to cut the cake to a ‘corkage fee’. That’s why it pays to find a venue that allows you to sort these things yourself and while it might mean more legwork on your part when it comes to catering and seating arrangements, it can be done.

Do you have a relative with a huge plot of land you can set a marquee up on? Or is there a local farm nearby offering a venue that you can dress up and sort yourself? Sissons Farm, located in Peterborough, won’t restrict you on space or even the size of your guest list and leaves you to organise everything yourself and to your budget with no extra fees.

Think carefully about what to splurge on

There are certain things you can save money on and others you really should splurge out on. Your flowers for example, if put together by yourself and your Mum, can dramatically cut your costs, while you might want to splurge a little on your wedding jewellery from a new pair of diamond earrings to the wedding bands themselves. Having some perspective when it comes to spending money can help – understand that it’s fine to compromise on things!

Get crafty

If you’re a dab hand with a hot glue gun and like the idea of creating your own table decorations and invitations to save some cash, then there’s no harm in popping to Hobbycraft (or finding everything cheaper online) and getting crafty. A handmade touch will also ensure your wedding has that personal feel, making it truly special to you and your partner.

Ask for friends and family member’s help

Do you have a friend who is great at make up? Or is your Grandma an amazing cake maker? Then enlist their help and save the money you’d normally pay for a professional service and most of the time you don’t need to compromise on quality. Of course, always offer to pay for the ingredients/materials but most of the time family and friends are more than happy to lend a hand for no charge.

Go abroad!

More and more of us are discovering that it’s much cheaper to simply pack a suitcase, hop on a plane and get married at a beautiful resort in Spain where the sun is always shining and the beach can serve as your backdrop for photos. Many resorts offer all inclusive wedding packages that in the grand scheme of things are much cheaper, simply because you have less wedding guests to cater for. Apparently a wedding overseas costs a third of one in Britain, so it’s worth considering.

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