Getting Started with Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is an online site that provides financial news, investment data, and commentary. You will find things like stock quotes, financial reports, and press releases. Yahoo! Finance posts original content as well as partner content from a broad range of other websites. If you are new to Yahoo! Finance, here is a helpful guide on how to get started.

Is Yahoo! Finance available on mobile devices?

You can access Yahoo! Finance on your laptop or any other device. So, you can easily use the app on your smartphone or another mobile device.

Is there a Yahoo! Finance API?

If you are looking at Yahoo! Finance in the hope of finding an API you can use to lift data and embed it into your own app or web page, you will initially be disappointed, as there is no official API for the site. However, the Yahoo Finance API is an unofficial API provided by RapidAPI that you can use.

Using Yahoo! Finance to Research and Analyse Markets and Investments

Yahoo! Finance is ideal for researching and analysing markets and investments. You can easily search for and find company names, ticker symbol quotes, and market data for a wide range of investments and industry sectors. Once you find a quote, you can use interactive graphs to map performance over varying time ranges, parameters, and indicators. You can also compare multiple symbols on the same chart. And data filters are available so you can discover new investment opportunities.

Using Yahoo! Finance to Stay Up-to-date with the Latest News and Trends

You can easily stay current on financial news and trends with Yahoo! Finance. In addition to breaking stories, analysis and commentary, the site provides a helpful market events calendar so you can keep up-to-date with significant financial events such as earnings announcements, stock splits, and IPOs. Information is not only presented in text and image format. Yahoo! Finance also includes live and on-demand videos where you can watch market coverage and analysis.

Managing Lists of Investments That You Watch or Own

It is simple to follow the collected investments you are interested in by using Yahoo! Finance’s My Portfolio. You can create watchlists and manage multiple portfolios based on your actual, potential, or fantasy holdings. It is easy to link brokerage account profiles too, where you can view your holdings and balances.

Making a checklist

Once you get started with My Portfolio, you will have access to numerous analytics tools to gain greater insight into the investments you are interested in. You can also use watchlists to keep track of specific markets, companies of interest, and industry sectors of interest.

Other Yahoo! Finance Tools

Yahoo! Finance provides many other market data and research tools. They include:

  • A finance specific search bar, which you can use to research an index or company fund or to look up a quote.
  • US treasury bond rates, which you can use to identify trends by looking at previous yield rates.
  • A currency converter, which you can use to compare and convert different currencies and see exchange rates.
  • Market lists, which you can use to find things like world indices, gainers and losers, commodities, and the most active stocks.
  • Stock screeners, which you can use to find investments based on certain criteria.

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