How to Get More Order in Your Life

How nice it would be if the apartment would tidy up all by itself. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work out! But with our tidying tips and hacks, you can at least get order in your four walls. If everything has its fixed place, it is much easier to maintain the order once created. And you have the perfect place at home to enjoy

The advantage: In the future, you’ll need no more than ten minutes a day to make sure your apartment is always tidy and dust-free. In addition, the kitchen, bathroom and closet look much nicer when nicely sorted. You’ll also have a much better overview – and more time for things that are important to you and are fun.

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What You Can Do – Our List

No more chaos: Your things finally have a fixed place and you keep track of everything. You don’t waste time looking for things and have everything at hand at all times.

Order sharpens your eye for the essentials: You know exactly what you really need – everything else gets sorted out and goes away.

Save time and stress: You finally have more energy for things that are really important to you in life.

#1: Get an overview

Tidying up works best if you think about a strategy in advance and write a to-do list. This will help you tidy up more effectively and save time. Make a note of which rooms you need to tidy up and where the biggest construction sites are. It’s helpful to start at a place where you can immediately see what you’ve accomplished. Quick results are an incentive to keep going. If you have a major decluttering project coming up, it’s helpful to dedicate yourself to one thing each day – whether it’s reorganizing books or getting rid of scrap paper. Cleaning out is exhausting, but it will lead to order in the long run. Start small and keep at it. Be happy about small successes!

#2: Reduce

Your drawers are in chaos, your closet is overflowing and shoes lying around are becoming a tripping hazard? The first thing you have to do is sort things out and create new storage space. Disorder arises especially when you have too many things that no longer fit in your closets. Say goodbye to things that no longer serve a purpose, are broken, don’t appeal to you and only take up unnecessary space.

Tip 1: When sorting out, do not proceed according to individual rooms, but according to subject groups. For example, gather all the books, clothes or office equipment from the entire apartment and get an overview first. Then it will be easier for you to sort them out.

Tip 2: Where to put the sorted things? Things that you simply do not like anymore, but are still in good condition, do not have to be thrown away. You can donate them, give them away or sell them at a flea market.

Now it is up to you to find the perfect system to bring order in your life. For sure it will help you and improve your time management regardless of which point you are right now in your life. Order is not something bad but necessary. So the earlier you start the easier.

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