Common Pitfalls When Dealing with Cryptocurrency and How to Avoid Them

Trading and dealing with cryptocurrency have proved lucrative for many people, but crypto is not without its risks. If you are considering venturing into crypto trading, it is vital that you do your homework and understand the best ways to succeed. Often the best way to learn is by looking at what others have done – whether avoiding the mistakes of others or emulating their successes.

Before you begin, you should have a strong understanding of how crypto works, what types of crypto are out there and how you can buy and trade it. Trading without a good understanding of the process can be one of the biggest mistakes you could make.

Develop A Strategy When Trading

Going into trading without a strategy can be a significant mistake. You should set yourself an initial budget, particularly for your first few live trades. You should never go all-in on one trade, as crypto can be volatile. You should also consider how you will vet different trading opportunities. For instance, you could implement a specific number of users as a requirement for trading.

Be Aware Of Scams

Scams and scammers are an issue in any financial setting, and cryptocurrency trading is no different. You should view any emails or other contact you receive with suspicion until you can independently verify its legitimacy. The police offer some guidance on identifying and avoiding crypto scams here.

Learn From The Mistakes Of Others

It is a good idea to learn from the mistakes that others have made. Always stick within your budget and be aware of the signs of a scammer. There is a whole range of online communities that specialise in crypto trading, so it is a good idea to join one of these. Often, online communities will have a beginner-specific area to help people find their feet in trading. Here you can ask for help and advice from more experienced traders and find cautionary tales to avoid.

Understand The Jargon

There is a lot of jargon involved with crypto. It’s a good idea to learn the various terms in advance as part of your research before investing. Having a poor understanding of what different things mean can lead to some serious mistakes. Fortunately, there are plenty of online guides to be found that offer definitions of crypto jargon.

Find An Experienced Financial Adviser

Once you have started trading in cryptocurrency, you will need to speak to a financial adviser to ensure you stay on the right side of HMRC. It is best to choose an accounting firm that has real experience with Cryptocurrency tax-related issues. This can help ensure you pay all the taxes on your crypto that you need to. Hodge Bakshi Chartered Accountants & Chartered Tax Advisers are the ideal choice for anyone wanting peace of mind and excellent financial advice.

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Practice Before You Trade

There are platforms you can use that allow you to trade in theory without investing any money. These can be beneficial to help you fully understand the process of trading and what it entails. While it won’t be able to simulate the emotions that can come with investing, it can be an excellent way to practice your strategy.

Be Resilient

Once you start trading, it can be easy to get caught up in the emotion that comes with live trading. Many people are discouraged by the volatility of the crypto market, so you should ensure you prepare and understand the risks involved. Setting a sticking to your budget can be invaluable in ensuring you don’t get caught up by the excitement or risk too much.

Buy The Best Wallet

It is often best to choose a hardware wallet rather than a software one. Hardware wallets can be disconnected entirely from the internet, meaning that the only way a hacker can gain access to your cryptocurrency would be if they took the physical wallet from your home. This can provide much better security for your money.

Know When To Exchange

It is best to exchange your cryptocurrency to cash regularly to ensure you don’t lose out. It may help to watch the markets and exchange when your cryptocurrency is at a high. If you find that your crypto has lost value, it is best to wait to see if it will rebound before exchanging at a loss.

Stay Ahead Of The Latest Developments

Cryptocurrency is a new technology, and as such, it can be subject to rapid changes. It is a good idea to keep informed of the latest developments. You could consider subscribing to some crypto investing blogs and publications and attending conferences where possible.


Cryptocurrency trading can be a valuable tool to add to your overall investment portfolio. It is essential that you understand how to use cryptocurrency before you begin and be aware of the potential risks involved. It may be beneficial to undertake some formal training in crypto and investing to ensure you understand the fundamentals.

This article is for information and educational purposes only and does not form a recommendation to invest or otherwise. The investments referred to in this article may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.

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