How Home Working Changes Housing Needs

If you think back over the last eighteen months, which have been dominated by the Covid 19 pandemic and its affects on our everyday lives, one change stands out in particular – how the switch to home working has changed the housing needs of workers.

As the threat of mass infections took a hold at the start of the pandemic, businesses had to find ways to keep going whilst protecting the health of their staff. With lockdowns being imposed by governments, businesses responded by allowing their staff to work from home and a new age of remote working was born.

It soon became apparent that once companies had resolved many of the technical challenges encountered when large numbers of staff accessed remote servers and started to conduct business meetings via video conferencing, that many benefits for both the staff and business flowed from this transition to home working.

With employees becoming freed from the daily commute, many started to think about moving to cheaper and more desirable places to live which has initiated a noticeable migration from city living to out of town locations, which offer more space and quality of life with the additional benefit of lower cost of housing.

Rising property prices

The desire to move from smaller city properties to larger houses in the suburbs convinced many people to consider making a move, but there was another pandemic induced problem starting to exert an influence too.

In an attempt to prop up a rapidly contracting economy as the pandemic took a hold, US Federal Reserve pumped billions of dollars into the economy every month, which resulted in a boom of asset prices such as property.

With the property market going ballistic as buyers swooped on property as soon as it hit the market, it has become important for movers to be well positioned to finance a new property as well as compete in a fierce market for the right place that improves quality of life and benefits from the new world of home-based working.

It isn’t only available houses that are in short supply, as all the services associated with moving home have become swamped with customer enquiries. Home movers have enjoyed a boom in demand, but it is important to find the right company to entrust your treasured possessions with so if you are looking for a reputable home mover, you should click here, particularly if you are looking to move within the popular Orlando area.

The rise of entrepreneurship

Not only has home-working or being on furlough improved the quality of life for many employees, it has also given a great opportunity for people to re-evaluate their life goals and think about starting their own businesses.

A long-held desire to build a business has become a reality for many, and the huge array of internet opportunities are attracting budding entrepreneurs keen to get their fledgling businesses off the ground.

It soon becomes apparent that a new business needs visibility on the web to succeed, and this is where a company such as can lend their search engine optimization skills to drive traffic to websites of all sizes, accelerating sales growth and increasing reach, which are valuable aspects of building a new business.

Interestingly, this rise in entrepreneurship is convincing many loyal employees to re-consider their career options and to decide to leave their jobs for the challenges of building their business. Other, older employees have enjoyed the freedom of working from home or being on furlough so much that they have decided to take an early retirement and leave their employer and the world of work entirely.

The Covid pandemic has created many unforeseen circumstances, but whilst working from home benefits employees and employers in many ways, an unforeseen circumstance has occurred where staff have decided to leave to start their own businesses or to retire. This is creating staff shortages in many industries which is forcing employers to raise wages to attract and retain staff, or to curtail their business operations through a shortage of staff.

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