How to Finance Your Hospitality Business

When you’ve made the decision to set up your own hospitality business, excitement and enthusiasm are in no short supply. Still, sooner or later reality arrives with the question; how do I finance my hospitality business? After all, there’s a lot of key things to buy for a hospitality business, and while you can save on equipment with companies like Nisbets, sometimes robust finance options are needed too.

Fortunately, there are many different options to consider here. Depending on your circumstances, you may find some routes more favourable than others.

Consequently, here’s a few ways as to how you can effectively finance your hospitality business.

Business Loans

Companies looking to grow, expand, or invest further typically go down the route of business loans. That said, often the APR rates, lending caps and numerous terms and conditions are enough to put people off. Bosses don’t like being told what they can and can’t do, nor like being beset with a dozen contingency plans if things go wrong. After all, no one is stricter than a bank that’s lent money out.

Approved for a loan

Of course, business loans can finance a hospitality business quite adequately under the right circumstances, but they’re certainly not for everyone. The fixed interest rates are a draw and some banks are indeed more flexible than others, but a business looking for a quick surge in growth typically might avoid the bank loan until necessary.

Peer to Peer Lending Schemes

Peer to peer (P2P) lending is another way to secure funding for your hospitality business. They essentially boil down to digital marketplaces, whereby lenders can channel some money into a business online and receive their loan back in full plus interest if/when things go well. It’s also a way for the borrowers to secure their funding without dealing with all the hassle from banks, so that’s a plus too.

However, the main draw of P2P is that it allows people and businesses to work together and exchange their resources. If you’re keen to get your hospitality business off the ground, some strong allies lending their support would no doubt be a big plus in terms of both resources and encouragement. P2P can be risky given the unpredictable nature of businesses and success rates etc, and not everyone sees a return. Still, when they do work they do so resoundingly well.

A business crowdfunding concept


If you’re confident that your hospitality business will appeal to the masses and truly fulfil a crucial public need, then perhaps crowdfunding could be a viable way of financing your firm. After all, there’s numerous crowdfunding platforms out there, and often businesses justify this move as a way of tightening the bonds between company and customer, better unifying them.

In the end, crowdfunding should not be your first and only method of funding. Remember, it’s not without its criticisms and controversy, so try not to rely too heavily on this option. You don’t want your hospitality firm to appear desperate or like it’s selfishly stealing from those with goodwill. However, once all options have been exhausted or partially used, perhaps some innocent crowdfunding is the next best route to go down.

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