How Do You Protect Your Savings?

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, we still have the problem of financial insecurity. Banal robbery, scams and pickpockets are still actual troubles today.

Of course, now, when it is easier to find a thief, when it is easier to protect yourself and your wallet, your apartment or house from intruders, there is some peace. But do not forget that even newer ways are available to criminals to get close to your savings – both paper and electronic ones.

Today we’ll just talk about how to protect your savings. As for virtual money, here are some tips:

  • Strong passwords and sites. Try to use unusual, complex passwords so that scammers are less likely to get their hands on your money. We advise you to write down your passwords separately, not on electronic media. This should be done so that in the event of a device being hacked, they could not find it and use it for their own purposes. Do not show your data to strangers.
  • Don’t scatter data. In no case do not let someone else use your devices, do not let them enter your sites with electronic wallets. It’s like with ordinary money – you won’t give your money to be held in the hands of an unknown person, right? He can pick them up and run away.
  • Reliability = safety. Use trusted sites where it is really safe to keep money. Such sites clearly have authority among the audience and, as a rule, they are quite well-known. Ignore pop-up ads promising you large sums of money for completing an easy survey or something like that. Also, do not fill in the field for entering your card number if an unknown site requires it. For example, on Instagram, it happened that people were sent SMS, which said that the person who received this message won money. They only ask you to follow the link and enter your details. Don’t fall for it.
  • More unsafe mailings. Fake SMS about cherished, successfully won money come in mailing lists and in the mail. Usually such messages are immediately sent to spam, but there are exceptions. Just be careful. Even a simple click on the link can deprive you of your finances.
  • Many scammers play on people’s feelings and also send SMS with the fact that their loved ones are in danger. They are trying to get your money out of you this way. In this case, it is better to just contact your loved ones, talk to them, making sure that everything is in order.

What about paper savings?

  • Storage. We advise you to keep money in safe places, for example, in a bank, on your own account, where they will be protected. Of course, there is a risk: the bankruptcy of the bank itself, a change in liquidity to a disadvantageous side for you. In this case, you should rely on professional advice on choosing a bank from people who understand this. There is also the option of a safe deposit box – also reliable. Of the minuses: payment for storage and the lack of the possibility of visiting the same cell at the time you need.
  • It is possible to keep money in different currencies – this is a particularly interesting option, since at the moment the currency is not particularly stable. Basically, she doesn’t stand still. Therefore, this issue is also worth paying attention to.
  • Do not use the banal options for storing money under the mattress. You can also use the option of storing money in accumulative insurance companies.
  • Often, thieves come to the residents of the city, mostly to pensioners, under the guise of some volunteer organizations that collect money for donations. There are people so unscrupulous that they are able to come to you in the form of a policeman or in a serious business suit and tell you about the “new program for local residents”, as a result of which you will receive special payments. The only thing is that you will be told to deposit a certain amount in advance. Don’t fall for such things. Feel free to ask them for documents confirming their identity and the organization they represent.
  • Money growing and investment concept

  • Invest money. Try to increase your income. Now it is possible to do this in a passive way – by investments, for example. You can also understand the basic principles of working with cryptocurrency using ICOholder. Buying shares, NFT is also a fairly modern solution that can bring considerable income. It is only important to understand how it works. A financial airbag will never be superfluous, because there is simply no extra money. By accumulating money in this way, you can be sure that you will have it even when there is no main job. For some people, investing is already the main job. But here it depends on you. Simply, by engaging in such operations, you can be more financially liberated, not to mention the fact that more opportunities will open up in front of you.
  • Be careful when signing papers. Some banks may not be completely honest with their customers. This may also apply to companies with which you may someday cooperate. Try to get a grasp of the various documents, contracts, papers that you are thinking of signing. Pay attention to the behavior of the people with whom you make any deal.


Use secure storage systems for both electronic and paper funds. Try to follow the economic news in your country and in the world as a whole in order to be aware of how and when it will be more profitable for you to do something with your money.

Do not trust your data to strangers and be careful when visiting sites, as well as signing various papers. Invest money and multiply their amount.

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