How Can Storage Units Save Your Time and Money?

Several folk rent storage space for their move. If you decide to go this route you may care about how much money it will cost and your obligations. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep more cash in your pockets and save money and time on a storage facility. As you spend less on storage units, you may use those funds towards furnishing your new home or making necessary repairs. Following are the ways storage units might help you in saving time and money:


If you are currently renting self-storage facility units in London you should ask yourself if you need to. City prices can be a lot higher than those in the surrounding areas, so it might be worth taking a look at units that aren’t so central. Of course, it may require unit access then it is probably more convenient for you to keep it in a central location. After all, if you move away it might conserve you on rental expenses, but you need to take things like fuel into the budget as well. If you don’t need to visit your unit regularly, it’s worth looking into something a little further away. Facilities are easily available from London and the enclosing locations, but at a much lower price to you.

Share the space

Do you know someone else who is moving? Consider budgeting the storage unit and dividing the expenditure. This can save hundreds of dollars or more, depending on how long you use the unit and how large it is. Make sure this is a familiar family fellow or colleague that you can trust. Also, organize your materials so that you and other people can easily access them when necessary.

Rent the smallest furniture storage unit you can get away with

Having a couple of big pieces of furniture can cost you storage. Consider asking a close friend or family member if you can leave your sofa or bookshelf in their garage. By doing this, you can leave the storage unit space to move compact items like clothes, books, and smaller personal items.

Pack as efficiently as possible

Always remember to label your boxes as it makes the unpacking process easier and is also useful if you ever need to come in and grab something., Also, don’t forget to use sheets or blankets to cover things rather than plastic as it retains moisture. As a common principle, if you can’t afford to lose it, perhaps you shouldn’t be putting it in your storage unit. To be safe, find an alternative way to house craft, jewelry, family antiques, and other important items that you don’t want to take odds with. Furthermore, get rid of what you don’t need, decide what you no longer want ahead of time, and then throw away or donate those items.

Look for Insurance and facilities

Make sure you have some kind of insurance on your stored items to protect yourself from loss or damage. The unit operators are insured to limited amounts and you may have coverage from your homeowners or renters insurance policy, but always check to make sure you aren’t at risk. If so, purchase insurance through the facility. If you’re removing, ask your moving company if they have a relationship with a storage facility. You may qualify for a discount. Storage facilities often have free vehicles and equipment) to help you move in and out. You can also get bargains on cartons and other supplies you may need. Discounts of 25-50% are not uncommon if you ask.

Hopefully, this little guideline has given you some help when it comes to searching for a storage unit and saving money in the process. You’ll be glad that you have the best storage experience and that your stored belongings are kept safe and in good condition when you’re finally ready to obtain them.

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