How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Online Gaming

Artificial intelligence is starting to impact many areas of our lives as companies realise that AI technologies can be used to improve their customer experiences, develop products and services, and save money by automating routine administrative tasks. AI is also being used to enhance the enjoyment of leisure activities such as realistic virtual reality and enhancing the experience in live casino online gaming.

In this article, we will explore how artificial intelligence is transforming online gaming from a player’s point of view and how gambling companies use AI to protect themselves from fraud as well as create better gaming experiences.

Tailoring games to player interests

Online casinos operate in a highly competitive market in which each company vies with its competitors to attract, and keep, paying clients. Gaming companies invest huge sums of money in marketing their gambling games and offering attractive sign up offers, however there are significant investments in behind-the-scenes technology to acquire and process large amounts of data about their users.

By acquiring and analysing data such as which games they play, how long they play each game and which games encourage them to pledge wagers, the company can use artificial intelligence to help predict user behaviour and tailor the games to their users to stop them becoming bored so that they retain their business for as long as possible.

Gambling companies rely heavily on getting to know their customers and managing their businesses through a range of key performance indicators so artificial intelligence is starting to play a significant role in turning this valuable customer data into more attractive and profitable businesses.

Calculating odds with AI bots

Immortalised in the film Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic savant with a remarkable ability to count cards in blackjack card games. The ability to quickly calculate odds, or find ways to beat the house, has long been a goal for gamblers, however new technology is allowing players to use AI powered bots to find an edge and swing the odds in their favour.

Blackjack cards in a casino

The use of AI bots by players in online poker rooms is becoming more common, which is why the casinos are now starting to deploy AI technologies themselves to detect player bot activity. As players strive to beat the house by using AI, the casinos must protect their own odds and this can only be done through machine learning, the analysis of large amounts of data and looking for betting patterns that a human observer would miss.

Developing exciting gaming experiences

Player engagement is critical for the long-term success of an online casino business. The problem is that most wagering games are based on standarised gameplay. A poker game has the same core attributes no matter where or how it is played. This is the same for other games of chances such as spins.

The challenge for the casino is to add a level of uniqueness and entertainment to a standard game that makes it a bit more attractive to a player than they can find on a competitor site. This is where combining artificial intelligence and other leading-edge technologies such as virtual reality will start to make an impact in online gaming in the future.

When players can navigate through a virtual world, encountering wagering opportunities along the way, or can experience a realistic, but virtual, casino through their headset, then truly immersive and engaging experiences will become possible.

Capturing huge amounts of player data which is then quickly analysed by powerful AI technologies will tailor the gameplay to the individual thereby transforming the online gaming industry into a new age of player engagement and retention.

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