The Guide To The Hair Growth Diet You Never Knew You Needed

Whether you are experiencing a large amount of hair loss or you are just experiencing a small amount of thinning, changing your diet and exercising frequently could help to reverse these signs and begin to stimulate the scalp but with some types of hair loss requiring help from a UK hair transplant clinic it can be difficult to know when undergoing a hair transplant would be beneficial.

However, by trying a brand-new diet first, you can then begin to target any vitamins that could be causing the hair loss and work from there. To help you out, we have compiled a list of vitamins for you to target the ultimate hair growth diet that you never knew you needed.


One of the biggest food groups that you need to aid your hair growth is protein as without it you could be suffering from low levels of biotin and keratin. These are both vital to hair growth as they stimulate the follicle helping the hair to grow for a prolonged period. In addition to this, proteins also provide the hair with volume and natural shine to keep it looking healthy at all times. This can be found in a number of foods such as all meats and eggs and can be absorbed into the system within just a few weeks.


Another nutrient that is needed for your hair to grow is iron, this can not only help to carry oxygen to the scalp, but iron is also needed to regenerate skin cells and repair damage to the scalp. Without this, the hair will die in the follicle and fall out. When this occurs without a hair growing in its place, you then begin to experience bald patches that can then turn into full-scale hair loss over a prolonged period. Though there are supplements that can be taken to help boost this, foods such as broccoli, nuts and seed and seafood can all help to naturally increase iron intake over time.

Eating vitamin pills

Vitamin D

Without vitamin D your hair can begin to fall pout as it is responsible for the growth of a new hair follicle. This can improve the thickness of your hair over time, as well as reduce the amount of hair fall that takes place and helps to wake up the follicle and prevent them from lying dormant.

This is key for those looking to avoid undergoing a hair transplant as it will encourage new hair to grow every time one falls out. To naturally increase the amount of vitamin D in your system, try incorporating more fatty fish, cheese and egg yolks as they are rich in the vitamin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is much more than a vitamin that is great for the skin as its antioxidant properties are also great for maintaining a healthy scalp and encouraging growth. This vitamin is also essential to the absorption of iron and therefore is not one to miss from your diet. In order to naturally up this, try eating food such as Kiwi, oranges and Papaya.

With this in mind, there are a number of foods that are worth trying to boost the natural growth of your hair as well as maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle over time, all whilst trying amazing new recipes. Which will you be trying first?

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