8 Cool Gifts To Congratulate New Drivers

The new freedom that comes along with being able to drive is so exciting for teens but quite scary for their parents and adult family members.

With freedom to drive also comes huge responsibility. New drivers have a responsibility to keep themselves and other drivers safe. Another huge part of learning to drive is being responsible for paying the high price of gas and probably buying a car in the first place!

Gifting new drivers something special as congratulations is a nice way to show you are thinking of them. Even the littlest of gifts can also help alleviate the stress of the new expenses they have.

Here are eight fun ideas for gifts to give new drivers out on the roads!

Air Fresheners

It is rare that a new driver will get a car with that fresh, new-car smell. More likely than not, a car that is new to them probably has some interesting smells from previous owners.

To make the car their own and to get it smelling better than ever, air fresheners can definitely help.

Some of the best scents come from Yankee Candle car air fresheners. Give them a pack of a few delicious scents that might even come in the same smell as their favorite candle!

While it is not something they will think of needing right when they get a new car, air fresheners go a long way when it comes to making the driving environment more pleasant.

Reusable Water Bottle

The act of driving itself takes a bit of getting used to, so new drivers might not feel comfortable eating and drinking while driving. This can lead them to not have any water during lengthy car rides, which is very unpleasant.

A sports water bottle passed between two people

Get them a bottle that is easy to drink from while on the go and also fits like a glove in most cup holders. The Kool8 stainless steel water bottle is sleek and stylish, fitting perfectly into any new driver’s lifestyle.

The Kool8 bottle can even be left in the car for a while and still maintain the perfect temperature. Hot or cold beverages will be ready to drink no matter how long they’ve been in the bottle.

Kool8 is also super durable. There won’t be any need to worry about dropping it or banging it around a little. It can withstand almost anything!

Any new driver would love to sip out of the Kool8 bottle while they are on the go.

A Gift Card

Everybody knows that owning a car is expensive. For a young, new driver without a high-paying salary, it can be even more taxing.

Help them ease up on their wallet by giving them some spending money that they can use anywhere. A Visa Gift Card is a smart way to go because they can choose to accessorize the car or fill up their tank with the money loaded on it.

Wrapped gifts

Gift cards make the perfect congratulatory present for those new drivers who are on the picky side. Allow them the freedom to choose what they want to use it for!

Portable Humidifier

It is not always easy to control the temperature in a car. Heat gets too dry and the windows down make it too windy.

To enjoy driving a little more, a portable humidifier could help perfect the stagnant air. An article on Cool Things Chicago titled – ‘37 amazing gifts that will make your woman super happy’ recommends the AmuseND Portable Humidifier for any indoor space.

If the driver doesn’t want to use it in the car itself, it is meant for easy transport to wherever they may be headed. Say hello to constantly dewy skin and healthy hair!

Organization for the Trunk

New drivers don’t always know how to keep their cars clean both on the inside and outside. With all the items they need to store in their car, the trunk especially can become cluttered easily.

Keeping the trunk space neat can be made simple with the addition of a collapsible trunk organizer. It can be used for daily organization or only during shopping trips that result in many bags.

Simply fold it up when it is not needed and pop it open to separate groceries, shopping bags, or anything in need of transport!

A new driver won’t know just how useful this gift is until they end up with a messy trunk and no good solution for it.

Custom Star Map

For the new driver, you love most, a custom star map from Twinkle In Time would be a beautiful way to congratulate them on this important milestone.

These star maps are completely customizable, allowing you to choose any date and location to create a snapshot of the sky.

The new driver can hang the custom art in their room and enjoy it for years to come. They’ll always remember how important learning to drive is and enjoy the memory attached to the stars.

You can make a star map of their birthday so they can enjoy the constellations from when they were born. You can even create a custom caption that they can read to remember just why the star map is so special.

Nothing can express love and congratulations like a customized gift.

Wearing sunglasses sitting on a car bonnet

Portable Charger

Having the new freedom to drive might mean hours on the road heading to exciting destinations. While some cars do offer USB ports and charging options, older ones do not.

To help a new driver charge their phone while focusing on the roads, a portable charger might be the smartest option. An article on GiftWits titled – ’59 Best Gift Ideas this Year’ suggests a portable charger to keep the new driver charged up while they are on the go.

They can keep it charging in the backseat to keep them from using it while behind the wheel. This could just be the safest option to keep new drivers clear of the distractions phones cause.


Driving when it is sunny can be scary for first-time drivers because of the glare and reflection of the sun causes.

A stylish pair of polarized sunglasses will help them feel safe and looking cool behind the wheel. No more squinting while driving! Everyone could use a nice, new pair of sunglasses. New drivers especially would appreciate the gesture.

Heading out on the road for the first time might be a little scary, but any of these cool gifts will make the experience much more enjoyable.

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