We’re Getting A Bean To Cup Coffee Maker

I had a brain wave yesterday, well a mini one anyway, to address the tricky question of a birthday present for my husband. I’m going to buy a bean to cup coffee maker, a touch of luxury to add to our household. But which one?

So I now have a new, in fact another, personal goal which is to find the best bean to cup coffee maker.

Before I go on, not only will it sort my present for him but it will actually be a joint present for me – the long overdue present for me to replace the duplicate kindle that I received and had to return.

Sometime ago we carried special offer on MoneyHighStreet for John Lewis selling a De Longhi bean to cup coffee maker and at the time I did think what a nice thing to have but as is often the case with me didn’t do anything more about it.

Which is the best machine for us – some research is required.

I need to do some research into these machines to find out more about them, what’s always included and what are ‘optional’, perhaps cost extras? How much do they cost? I wonder if I use price as a differentiator is that enough or do I need to understand more about the functionality to determine if I can spend less but still get what I want?

I do like a latte coffee and my husband likes a cappuccino so we certainly need to cater for our two tastes. I assume that means we’ll need a system that has a built-in facility to foam the milk. We also tend to like different size cups or mugs so will need to make sure that’s available too.

I like the idea of being able to put the coffee beans in one end and within a short time have a perfect coffee pop out the other. I’ll have all the fun of trying out different coffee beans too. Somehow this feels more exciting than buying ground coffee, why is that though?

I’d like a machine that basically produces coffee to the standard you get when buying in a specialist, commercial coffee shop. Is that a possibility? I hope so.

Later today I will start my search. I feel quite excited at the prospect.

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