Top Gadgets To Pimp Your Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter

There are numerous gadgets you can buy to pimp your mobility scooter and get out and about with ease, at any given time. Most, if not all, gadgets are designed to enhance the ease of use and handiness of your mobility scooter, and whilst you might get along just fine with your mobility scooter, you’ll certainly want to purchase some of these top gadgets!

Though you can buy these top gadgets online, we suggest visiting a mobility scooter showroom to test them out yourself and even get them fitted by a professional. Without further ado, here are the top gadgets to pimp your mobility scooter:

7 LED Safety Head Light

The 7 LED Safety Head Light is perfect to ensure you remain safe on the roads at night or in poor lighting. In fact, it is one of the best mobility scooter accessories to buy for those who want to safely use their mobility scooter at any time of day, or for those who require a crutch or wheelchair.

Not only is it quick to install thanks to the elastic silicone material used, it won’t leave a hole in your pocket since prices of this bright light range between £40.00 and £50.00, so you can feel rest assured that you can be seen on the road in darker conditions.

Clamp-On Cupholder

Who doesn’t love a cuppa on the go? We certainly do, and the fleximug clamp-on cupholder makes carrying a warm beverage of your choice wherever you go even easier. This cool mobility scooter accessory is great for those who want to live an independent life and want to easily access their drinks, and whilst this accessory might not necessarily be a ‘gadget’, we certainly couldn’t leave it out!

Door & Telephone Alert

The older we get, the more our senses begin to deteriorate. Whilst this is a natural way of life, the EchoChime300 Door and Telephone Alert can help restore your young self. This pretty nifty gadget notifies you when someone calls your landline, or if there is a knock at the door, by flashing to get your attention.

What makes this gadget so perfect is that it is battery powered, so you can carry it with you around your home without the fear of missing a call from your family or postman at the door, and whilst this may not be a gadget to pimp your mobility scooter, this is certainly a great gadget for those who move at a slower pace.

Padded Back Support

Depending on how often you use your mobility scooter, you may begin to experience discomfort. Overtime, the padding of your chair will become flatter and flatter, and could increase the amount of pain that you feel in your back.

Luckily, a padded back support can help restore the comfort you once swore by, and are available in countless colours, so finding one matched to your mobility scooter shouldn’t be an issue.

As well as comfort, padded back supports helps improve posture, and are designed for additional lumbar support, so you can experience the ultimate comfort getting from A to B.

Mobility Pocket Organiser

When you head out the house on your mobility scooter, the last thing you want to think about is where you are going to put your keys, phone or purse to keep them safe. Luckily, the High Road Mobility Pocket Organiser can eliminate all your uncertainties. This nifty organiser allows you to store all your belongings on the go, offering plenty of room.

With 8 pockets and deep-padded compartments, keeping your gadgets safe and out of sight is easy, and alongside your new clamp-on cup holder, you’re good to go!


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