5 Gadgets to Help You Locate and Monitor Your Pets Easily

Our pets are more than just animals; they’re integral members of the family. Pet care, whether in the home, through pet insurance or the use of gadgets to locate and monitor your pets, is essential because pets are so dependent on us, and truth be known we on them.

Fortunately, the digital age has enabled the development of a myriad of gadgets to help us, here’s a look at five of them.

1. Whistle GPS Tracker

With current estimates at 1 in 3 pets going missing in their lifetime, a really useful gadget maybe Whistle GPS Tracker which means you can always know exactly where they are.

You can set up safe locations where you’re comfortable your pet will be, for example in your garden or at a kennels. You can then set up notifications to be sent as soon as your pet goes beyond the boundaries of these safe locations.

You can also set health goals and monitor your pets to ensure they stay on track with these goals

It is a prime gadget that is accessible and extremely helpful for the well-being of one’s pets. It is one of the top-rated GPS location and activity trackers for your pet.

The whistle device is attached to the pet’s collar and easily accessed through the whistle app on your phone.

A monthly subscription is required for this application.

Using a map app on an ipad

2. Furbo Dog Camera to Monitor Your Pets

It’s impossible to be around a pets full time.

But we do often want to know their activity, quite simply what they are up to. We need to know what goes on when we are not around.

A Furbo Dog camera enables you to monitor your pets, know what is going on at home and can for examplehelp alleviate separation anxiety that your dog may have if left at home.

It is connected to your phone and it can notify you of your dogs behaviour, you can even toss them a treat and using the 2-way audio you can talk to them.

It’s easy to set up and to start to monitor your pets. You can download the free Furbo app (IOS or Android) onto your phone and connect Furbo to your home WiFi.

3. Feeder Bowl

dog eating from dog bowl

Obesity has been one of the most significant issues and the cause of diseases in pets, which may ultimately be fatal.

Taking to monitor your pets diet and the amount of food eaten is particularly important.

A feeder bowl makes it harder for your dog to rush eating their food in a few chomps. Instead, they have to work with the pattern in order to reach all their food. This will ensure they eat at a more moderate pace and help them avoid getting bloated or suffer with indigestion. 

4. Petmate Replendish Pet Waterer

Make sure you regularly monitor your pets water intake. The intake of clean water is essential to help keep your pet healthy.

A good volume of clean water is essential, your pet can catch some potentially serious illnesses if fed dirty or old water.

With a gravity waterer, such as this from Petite, your pet has access to clean, filtered water, 24/7.

As your pet drinks from the base, the gravity design immediately refills the bowl with more fresh water. the water gets filtered through a charcoal filter that removes impurities from the water leaving behind clean, refreshing water for your pet.

5. GoPro Fetch Harness

Ever wondered what your pet’s eye is seeing?

Using a GoPro Fetch harness you can see how the world looks from your dog’s viewpoint.

There are two mounting options, on the chest or on the back and the harness is fully adjustable to fit dogs from 9-54kg or 20-120lbs.

It’s fully washable and fine with water so can be used in water or mud, as you need when you’re out exploring or walking your dog. Maybe something to include too as you head off on pet friendly holidays.

As it is arduous to ride a horse without horse riding accessories, it is hard to take care of pets and monitor them without additional devices.

Each of these gadgets are worth considering, obviously depending on your own specific needs and budget.

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