5 Gadgets to Help You Locate and Monitor Your Pets

Two Rottweiler puppies

Living in the 21st century, we have evolved so much that we are surrounded by Technology wherever we see. Gadgets are such accessories making our lives worth living and serene. In such a time, Animals have become a source of our emotional, psychological, and physical support. Their presence has a profound effect on us. For the longest time, Animals have been human’s closest compadre.

As Humans have certain rights, so do Animals, and we are compelled to superintend those rights. When we domesticate animals, we are obliged to look after them. Pet care is essential because they are dependent on us.

Use of Gadgets

According to research, each year, up to 10 million pets go missing and what is more tragic is that only 15 percent of dogs and around 2 percent of cats are reunited. Only 15.8 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats are eventually reunited with their owners. It takes a toll on both the owner and the pet in such situations. However, such problems can be overcome by the advancements in the fields of Technology by using specific gadgets. As it is arduous to ride a horse without horse riding accessories, it is hard to take care of pets and monitor them without additional devices.

Whistle GPS Tracker

One of the Gadgets that can help us locate and monitor our pets is a “Whistle GPS Tracker.” It is a prime gadget that is accessible and extremely helpful for the well-being of one’s pets. It is one of the top-rated GPS location and activity trackers for your pet. The whistle device is to be attached to the pet’s collar and accessed through the whistle app from your phone, making it easy for one to know the pet’s location and how much distance it has travelled, and how far it is from you.

The tracker also helps you to acknowledge the activity of the pet and when it is on rest. It is also waterproof and can be charged, making it fascinating. Buyers have reviewed it as unique as it comes with different price ranges depending upon the features. The monthly subscription starts from $4.99.

Using a map app on an ipad

Furbo Dog camera

One cannot be around their pets around the clock. But we do have to look upon their activity and what the pet is up to. We need to know what goes on with the pet when you are not around them. It indeed is stressful when you do not see what is exactly wrong with them when you are physically not there. The gadget for that is the “Furbo Dog camera.” It is connected to your phone. It notifies you of every behaviour of the Dog, and you can talk to them virtually. The most standout features are the camera and the treat tossing ability. They take their user’s feedback into account and keep on improving.

Feeder Bowl

Obesity has been one of the most significant issues and the cause of diseases in pets, which may be fatal to health. Taking care of their diet and the amount of intake of food is particularly important. Obesity and Loss of appetite impact health and longevity. The gadget to help with food information is the “Feeder Bowl,” which helps in portion control. It timely feeds the pet according to the need of the pet.

Petmate Replendish Gravity Water

The intake of clean water is essential for the health of your pet. A pet can catch some serious illnesses if fed dirty or old water. We have this gadget that refills automatically and stays clean for a longer time preventing microbes.

GoPro Fetch

One sometimes wonders what the pet eye catches. We can get to know that through the “GoPro Fetch.” It is a harness attached with all GoPro cameras. We can use it to look at the World through our pet’s eye. You can capture fun footage from a unique perspective. It is fully adjustable.

All the above gadgets are worth the hype and buy. Taking an interest in the pet’s perspective and their interaction and behavior is essential, accessible through all these Technology-related gadgets.

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