Four Ways to Make Money from Home

As the old saying goes, money makes the world go round. Like it or not, it’s important and it’s always nice to have a bit extra of it kicking around to help life run that bit smoother. While asking for a pay rise from your boss or working a few extra hours of overtime is certainly an option, there are several ways that you can add some extra funds in to your bank account from home.

So, if you’re after a second stream of support, check out these methods that can bring the cash in without you needing to leave your own four walls.

Cashback deals

Whenever you’re about to purchase a product line, stop and check to see if you’re able to claim cashback on your purchase. There are several cashback sites which essentially offer a range of free money deals which you can claim when making a purchase from a specific website.

Simply clickthrough to your retailer’s basket through a cashback provider and reap the rewards for making the very same purchase you were able to make anyway. These range in value but can often be as much as 20% of the product value. That’s 20% you get back for simply clicking through a website. Worth it, right?

Sell your unwanted possessions

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This should be your mantra when taking a look through the items stored in your drawers and cupboards. There is a marketplace for just about anything online and, by putting together an attractive listing, you might make some money off something that you previously deemed worthless.

A parking road sign

Research the variety of seller platforms out there, as audiences differ between them. Success rates can range significantly depending on the product you are selling and the platform you’ve selected – so do your research and be prepared to give it a try.

Hire out your parking space

In many city centres parking is a valuable commodity. If you have an unused space on your property, you can make a recurring income by signing up and advertising your spot on a parking app.

Your space can be hired out on a one-off basis or for longer periods, giving you the option to cater for your own personal needs first and let the hiring period work around you. This is an ideal option if your parking needs are more than catered for your property. You will also be doing those visiting the city centre a big favour, saving the time and hassle of trawling through the city looking for an empty space!

Online surveys

Do you like expressing your opinion to anyone who cares to listen? Well then, online surveys could be the perfect money-making option for you! There are several market research platforms who will send you a range of surveys for you to fill out.

Whilst the amount of money made from this can be small, this exercise rewards the persistent. Fill that dead time that you currently spend scrolling on your phone with this to make money from minutes you’d otherwise waste.

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