Eco Friendly Business Practices You Should Be Following

Is your business following eco-friendly practices? If not, now’s the time to start implementing them.

As global warming becomes an ever-increasing threat, businesses are being encouraged, and in some cases forced, to lower their carbon emissions. Consumers are also more focused on buying from companies who actively adopt eco-friendliness into their workplace.

The question is, what type of eco-friendly practices should you be following? Below, we’ll look at some of the simplest and best eco-friendly practices you should focus on.

Focus on the smallest details

When you think about eco-friendly practices in business, recycling and eliminating single use plastics tend to be the main options considered. However, if you truly want to operate an eco-friendlier business, you’re going to want to focus on the smallest details too.

For example, the design of your business cards can make a big impact. Choosing eco-friendly designs from Instantprint, business card specialists, shows potential customers you care about the environment. It also reduces the impact on the planet as eco-friendly business cards are less harmful to create. Even back in 2018, Instantprint saw 100% recycled business cards become the leading trend. This was followed closely by Kraft and velvet feeling cards.

Holding a tree in the hand: an environmental concept

Add a little greenery outside your building

If you have your own business premises, you’ll want to start adding a little greenery outside it. This doesn’t just add to the aesthetics of the business, it can also have some great environmental benefits too.

Planting trees, flowers and even adding a small park if there is space, could do wonders for the surrounding environment. The flowers and park would prove beneficial for local wildlife, while trees can help combat air pollution.

Update old machinery and invest in better lighting

The machinery and lighting within your business could be having a major impact on the environment. Running older machinery and equipment tends to use more energy. While saving energy is largely linked to cost savings for the business, it can also really help reduce its impact on the planet.

Led light bulbs

Similarly, if you’re using fluorescent lighting, this too could be using far more energy than it needs to. Investing in LED lighting will lower the amount of energy being used and in turn, benefit the environment.

Newer equipment tends to be constructed with energy efficiency in mind. So, if your current equipment is outdated, now is the time to update it.

These are just some of the eco-friendly practices you should be following right now. Making your business as sustainable as possible is key to lowering your carbon emissions. Don’t forget the bigger stuff such as recycling too. The more eco-friendly measures you adopt, the better it will be for the environment and your business.

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