5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Save Money Online

With the real world relying increasingly on a virtual one, knowing how to save money online is important. There are plenty of web-based options that can help with this.

In fact you’d be surprised how easy it is to log on and get some great discounts with just a few clicks. Some of these offers are completely free – the ultimate saving.

Our guide gives you 5 of the best tips to reducing the pressure on your finances. They’re quick, they’re easy and above all they are tried and tested…


What could be easier than picking up your phone and saving through an app? Apps are good for planning a budget, but they also assist you when hunting for bargains.

Just switch on and swipe. A free app like PriceSpy can give you the best price on any item you’re thinking of putting in your basket.

Companies of all types are keen to attract your custom with an app. For example, JustEat make it as simple as possible to find tasty meals at the right price.

The best thing about apps is they take the strain off of your brain. They’re particularly good for those who don’t have time to research all the up to date deals.


If you haven’t heard of it before, cashback is a way of getting paid to purchase. It’s that simple, and something you should definitely be doing to save money online.

Here’s the thing. The likes of TopCashBack and Quidco have arrangements with major retailers and outlets to direct customers to their sites through clickable icons.

In return they’re paid a commission of sorts, which they choose to pass back to the shopper. This can be anything from a few per cent on the price upwards.

By registering with cashback providers (and make sure you go for a free one) you get cash or vouchers sent straight to your virtual pocket, and the savings really add up.


Though it seems like nothing comes for free anymore, that certainly isn’t true when going online. Just a quick search will reveal tasty little extras you can get for zero.

Fancy a pick me up? Greggs offer a free coffee and cake if you sign up to their app.
Plus if you fancy a stroll round IKEA you can do so with a hot drink freebie.

Then there are free trials for services you may want to take up. Netflix want to have you as a subscriber so much that they’re willing to give you a month’s free viewing.

And Amazon Prime is another big brand that offers a 30-day free trial. Even better if you are student, as this extends to a whopping 6 months free.

A 20% sale graphic

Vouchers, coupons and receipts

Vouchers and coupons aren’t just scrappy bits of paper anymore. Sites such as Groupon show you a wide selection of great deals you can access from your keyboard.

But wait. Those bits of paper still come in really handy. How many times have you been to the supermarket and seen discarded receipts?

By salvaging these and entering the relevant codes online, you can take advantage of the discounts, offers and freebies the customer carelessly left behind.

All you need is the right code and you can be making big savings. Your fingers will get tired but overall this is an easy, smooth-running process.

Shop online to save money

Click smarter

Saving money online in an easy and effective way doesn’t just require keeping your eyes peeled. It also requires a clued-up approach, enabling you to click smarter.

Have you thought about this? Haggling is an ancient method of getting the best deal. But just because it’s old doesn’t mean you can’t do it online.

Here’s a nifty trick – If you head to the Live Chat section of a company’s website, then you can often angle the conversation towards them giving you an online discount code!

Think outside the box a bit and you’ll be on the path to some surprising discounts. Read more about that here.

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