Dog vet bills and insurance costs hit owners hard

Whilst the annual pet insurance for a pet dog is around £300, the cost can be more than double this for some dog breeds. Vet bills can be expensive. This all needs to be factored into your thinking as you get tempted to buy a delightful little puppy or fashionable dog.

Dogs, as indeed humans, are prone to a myriad of illnesses and are of course are also at the risk of having an accident.

Some dogs are less likely to have health issues than others and as a result their insurance premiums will be correspondingly lower.

The average insurance cost for a pet dog are around £300 a year. For some though, such as the ever increasingly popular French Bulldog, premiums can be more like £500.

According to Rose Howarth, from MoneySuperMarket, ‘French bulldogs are adorable little dogs, but prone to a lot of health issues, so it requires a hefty premium to insure them.’

The higher the risk of a claim, whether that be for treating an illness or an accident, the higher the insurer will set the premium.

For example, some pedigree breeds are more likely to develop hereditary conditions such as weak joints or hips. This may mean an insurance policy would be more expensive or an insurer may even exclude treatment for such hereditary conditions from their policy.

Sometimes the reason for a claim can be considered a lifestyle problem.

Basically this means your dog’s health is being affected by the diet you give them or the amount of exercise it does.

If your dog has an unhealthy lifestyle which means you end up having to make a large number of insurance claims you will see your pet insurance premiums rising significantly.

Activity monitor for dogs

Recognising the need to help your dog follow a healthy lifestyle, Co-Op are now offering a free PitPat wearable activity monitor for dogs if you take out a new pet insurance policy.

Recent research from Marks & Spencer shows that even though the majority of dog owners consider their pet part of the family, some 40% don’t have any insurance.

This is despite the fact that many would not be able to pay an unexpected vets bill, the average cost of which is £700 according to data from the Association of British Insurers.

Paul Stokes, head of products at M&S Bank, commented: ‘The cost of treatment has increased in recent years due to advances in veterinary science and having the appropriate insurance in place can help avoid costly fees when you’re least expecting them.’

If you decide to buy insurance for your dog, clearly you need to ensure you find the best type of insurance to meet your specific needs at a cost you can afford.

There are four main types of cover to consider when buying dog insurance – find out more in our article ‘Why Your Dog Should Be Properly Insured


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