Differences between City & Countryside Driving

For those that spend most of their time driving in the countryside, it can be quite a shock when you drive in a city and you may find it quite challenging. The same could be said for the reverse as city and countryside driving are vastly different, each with its proverbial bumps in the road. It is helpful to be aware of what these differences are so that you are well prepared when you venture further afield and find yourself driving somewhere unfamiliar.

Different Roads

One of the most obvious differences is the types of roads. Typically, you will find that roads in cities are straight, which can make it easier to navigate and know where you are. In the countryside, you will find that roads can meander and weave and can seemingly change without warning. Generally speaking, country roads are less even and you are more likely to encounter potholes, but this can be an issue in cities and towns too! This is why you need to have the right car for the journey, so you may want to look into leasing if you are moving or spending more time in an unfamiliar area.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are also different depending on where you are driving. With congestion, multiple turning options and more pedestrians, cities and built-up areas tend to have speed limits of around 30 mph depending on where you are. In the countryside, traffic is less of an issue and you can usually go up to 60mph in most countryside areas. That said, always be on the look out for speed signs to ensure you’re sticking to the area’s legal speed limit.

Traffic on a busy highways

Road Layouts

When you drive in towns and cities, you will find that grid systems are often used to make it easier to know where you are. One-way systems are also common in these areas and it is important to be aware of these. In the countryside, you will find winding country roads and backroads, so it is helpful to use a Sat Nav if you do not know where you are going.


Driving in the city and countryside is a completely different experience, but you will find that distractions can be an issue in both. In the city, there will be a lot going on with other cars, pedestrians, and cyclists – so you need to try and stay focused and look out for hazards at all times. In the countryside, it can be easy to lose your concentration when driving on long roads, especially if you are surrounded by natural beauty, farm animals and anything else that might cause you to take your eyes off the road.

As you can see, driving in the city and countryside is vastly different and each has its own challenges. As a motorist, you need to be prepared for anything, especially if you do not have much experience driving in different places. Take time to do your research, and even go out for practice drives just so you can ensure your driving as safely as possible the next time you find yourself behind the wheel.

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