Order from Chaos – 5 Steps for Decluttering and Simplifying a Small Kitchen

If you live in a small apartment or house, it’s very likely your kitchen is small, as well. Even moderately sized dwellings sometimes include a limited-space kitchen area, which means it’ll take some clever thinking to keep it organized and functional.

When your kitchen space is limited, use the following tips to keep it organized. These tips are especially helpful if spending time in the kitchen is something you enjoy.

1. Get Creative When Buying Pots and Pans

Rather than having a bunch of pots and pans you rarely use, consider induction cookware sets that include the most common sized pieces you’re likely to use more often. Most kitchens include a wide array of pots and pans that can be pared down to just a few simple pieces that have multiple uses.

For example, those tiny saucepans are cute, but what can you really do with them? If you reach for a larger saucepan most of the time, you can get rid of those little ones. The same holds true for those small frying pans, too.

2. Resist Trendy Gadgets

It’s tempting to buy the latest technology that’s sure to make life easier in the kitchen, but when your space is limited, the last thing you need is a stand mixer you only use a couple of times a year taking up space on the counter. If you already own a few gadgets like this, consider which ones you actually use and donate the ones that don’t make that list. Remember, you can mix and slice food by hand, you don’t need a trendy gadget to do it for you.

A kitchen knife set

3. Be Realistic About How Much Tableware You Need

If you host gatherings at your house on a regular basis, keeping extra tableware handy makes sense. However, if you only host a dinner once every ten years, keeping those extra plates, bowls and wine glasses in your cabinets just takes up valuable space.

If you just can’t seem to part with the excess tableware in your cabinets, consider placing them in storage instead. Wrap them in newspaper and place them in a cardboard box or plastic tote and label the outside so you know where they are when you need them. Keep only the amount of tableware you need on a regular basis in your cabinets.

4. Get Rid of Duplicates

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are notoriously full of duplicate items. Whether on purpose or by accident, it’s easy to become the owner of a couple of blenders, can openers, and toasters.

To free up space and give you more room to organize, look for these duplicate items and get rid of the ones in less-than-perfect shape. If your dupes are still functioning, donate them.

Preparing vegetables

5. Evaluate Your Culinary Skills

Be honest with yourself and figure out what kitchen equipment fits your culinary style and skill. If you don’t particularly like baking, then it makes little sense to keep cupcake tins and cake pans on hand. And unless you’re hosting weekly wine and cheese parties, do you really need that cheese plate? Take a look at the cooking tools and equipment you have and donate those you don’t use and probably never will.

While small kitchens make it more difficult to stay organized, it is possible to get there and stay that way by following the tips outlined above. If you love to cook and you have a small kitchen, be sure you hone your organizational skills so you can make the most of the space you have.

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