Casino Games Many People Don’t Know About

When it comes to online gambling, most people think about online slot machines and traditional games such as poker, baccarat, or roulette. However, there are some games available online that offer a unique and fun experience that can be found nowhere else. Take a look at what they are below.


Slingo are online-only gamers which can be found at various online casino websites in the UK. These games combine the fast-paced action of video slots with online bingo games, creating Slingo! In this game, users are required to match numbers on their Slingo card by spinning reels, much like with slots.

However, players are only given 20 spins to do so and the numbers can only be marked off when they are spun. What’s more, other symbols can land on the Slingo reels which can cut a player’s score, trigger Wilds to match any number, or they provide additional spins of the Slingo reel. Players can also purchase additional spins to try and make more wins. This website explains the game of Slingo in much more detail for those of you that would like to learn even more about it.

Gambling by playing poker in a casino

Live Casino

Live casino content is relatively new to the online gambling industry. Generally speaking, live casino games are just traditional online games streamed directly to the player and involve larger groups of users. Rather than being run by a computer or software, the games are hosted by real-life dealers who interact with the players through a chat service.

There are dozens of live casino games available and most are offered at all UK online casinos. You’ll be able to find live versions of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker games, as well as new variations which alter rules to make them more interesting for players. There are also live versions of video slots, football-themed games, and so much more. Regardless of what you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a live game that you enjoy that offers an authentic casino experience from the comfort of your home.


Online scratchcards have also become increasingly more popular over the last few years. These online scratchcards work similarly to those in real-life where players are required to purchase several tickets and then scratch them in order to reveal matching symbols to earn wins. There are dozens of these online scratchcards, all of which are based on unique or branded themes. They’re quick and easy to play but can award big wins depending on your luck.

A bingo graphic

Online Bingo

Finally, many online casino websites have now begun offering bingo. Online bingo isn’t all that different from traditional bingo, it’s just played online. Rather than having to mark off matching numbers yourself, however, it’s all done for you. This has made online bingo increasingly popular as it allows users to do other things while awaiting the outcome of a game or to play a completely different game in the meantime. What’s even more fun is that most online bingo games have their chat rooms where players can make friends and build relationships – what’s not to like?

So there’s more to gambling than just video slot machines and traditional table games. Regardless, all of the content available can provide hours of entertainment, you just need to ensure that you’re registered with a licensed website.

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