Great Careers in the Casino Industry

The gaming industry is continuing to grow year on year and online gaming is massively expanding. Thanks to this continued growth and the casino gaming culture becoming much more prevalent within mainstream culture, the demand for trained casino professionals is now increasing within the gambling industry in many different areas. The casino industry can now be the source of a career for many, but what kind of jobs are available?

Compliance Manager

Online and land-based casinos both need be operating in a legal manner and ensuring this happens is down to a compliance manager. They are also responsible for developing internal security processes and investigating any ongoing issues that may arise.

The main purpose of this role is to ensure that the activity is above board, online or in person. This is a very sought after job as can be seen on Indeed, one of the leading job search sites. To secure a role in this field legal knowledge is required, ideally a degree in law and experience within the casino industry will definitely be a bonus for any candidates.

Security Analyst

Security analysts have the role of ensuring the casinos are operating safely. They are responsible for monitoring online casinos in particular and watching out for any potential breaches or threats to the sites. This especially important for global online casino sites, for example PartyCasino, which has players worldwide. Furthermore, these analysts also have to ensure that all software and systems used by the sites are preventing any cyberattacks or hacking from occurring.

This is a vital role as it goes a long way towards ensuring that online casinos are safe and therefore so are the funds and details of their players.

A Croupier dealing cards


It is possible to be a dealer either at a land-based casino, or work for an online casino at one of their live tables, that is streamed via the casino site. Companies like Evolution Gaming is renowned for this service.

The role involves standing or sitting at a table, which can be blackjack or roulette, among other tables games and dispensing cards, handing out props or operating necessary equipment for the game to be played. Dealers must communicate with players, hand out winnings (in land-based casinos), collect money and handle high value chips.

It is often required now to land a job as a dealer to have completed a ‘dealer course’ and often part of the interview process will include a kind of audition, to see how you would interact with players. If you are a people person who wants to get into the casino industry then becoming a dealer is an option you should consider.

Gaming Surveillance Officer

Gaming Surveillance Officers are to be found in land-based casinos. Their job is to patrol the floor of the casino they are assigned to, sometimes electronically via cameras and sometimes in person. It is often the case that the role can also involve acting as a presence out on the floor.

Occasionally viewed as security guards, the role is much more than this and involves spending time in observation rooms, making use of the AV equipment and not just ensuring unwelcome guests are escorted out of the casino.

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