Car Insurance For Older Drivers: A Quick Guide

Where can you get cheap car insurance for older drivers? And is it true you’re more likely to have a car accident if you’re older?

Where can you get cheap car insurance for older drivers? Is it true you’re more likely to have a car accident if you’re older? Get all the answers in our quick guide to getting car insurance as an older person.

Although people may get wiser as they get older, they don’t necessarily become better drivers.

In fact, insurers feel older drivers pose greater risks than middle-aged drivers – and this can be reflected in the price they pay for car insurance

Are older drivers riskier?

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), older drivers have more accidents per mile driven than middle-aged drivers, and the accidents are more likely to involve injuries to other people.

The average cost of a car insurance claim by someone aged over 80 is almost 50% higher than that of an average claim by someone in the 60-64 years age bracket.

Plus, if you’re older, you’re more likely to be seriously injured if you have a crash, because you become frailer as you age.

How long can people keep driving for?

Age affects people differently, and many people feel they’re perfectly able to continue driving. In fact, research shows that by 2050 40% of licence holders will be aged 60 or over, with a quarter over 70.

A retired man driving a sports car

This demand is reflected in car insurance, with the average upper age limit for new customers now 82.

There’s no age at which it’s compulsory to give up driving, although after the age of 70 you have to reapply for your licence every 3 years.

How to cut your car insurance costs

As an older driver, there are things you can do to keep your car insurance premium down:

  • shop around for the best deal – there are companies that specialise in car insurance for older drivers and have no upper age limits
  • don’t pay for cover you don’t need – for example, don’t buy cover for driving abroad if you’re not going to travel
  • switch to a car with a low car insurance group rating
  • think about getting no-claims discount protection so if you have a bump, it doesn’t wipe out the years you’ve spent building it up

Key points

Older drivers are felt to be a greater car insurance risk – but age affects people in different ways and many people want to carry on driving for as long as possible.

Shopping around for insurance can help older drivers get a better deal.

Age is only one factor in the way car insurers assess risk: things like claims history, convictions and type of vehicle also play a part.

You can’t change your age but there are steps you can take to get cheaper car insurance, including protecting your no claims discount and fitting security devices to your car.

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