Can a Simple Antivirus Protect Your Money? Business Edition

If you are a business owner, you know that businesses often have an astronomical amount of data flowing through them. While some of this data is boring and doesn’t mean anything to an outsider, but other times this data can be incredibly valuable and damaging in the wrong hands. This is where an antivirus software comes in.

Antivirus software can help to protect you from malicious attacks on your business, employees, and company information. If you are a decision-maker at a business, you should strongly consider exploring your options when it comes to the best antivirus for business.

What is Antivirus

If you’re not familiar with antivirus, you should gain a general understanding of what this software does before you dive too deep into the subject. Antivirus software is software that is designed with the sole purpose to protect your computer from malicious programs that are inadvertently installed or placed on your computer. These programs can cause massive damage, making antivirus nearly essential for anyone who wants to protect their information and their computer.

Types of Harmful Programs

There are dozens of potentially harmful programs out there that could harm you, especially in a business setting. The first step in combating these would be to understand what exactly you are up against. While an antivirus software does most of the work, it’s still essential to know what you are fighting against so that you understand what is at risk here.

The most common types of harmful programs out there include: viruses, Trojans, key loggers, spyware, and a lot of other potential programs that can cause a lot of damage.

Business Applications

As a business owner, you have a lot to worry about. You don’t really have time to monitor each employee’s computer use and ensure that it is safe and that they won’t get the company in trouble by inadvertently installing a harmful program. That’s where an antivirus program comes in. You can deploy an antivirus to monitor downloads and the state of your network to prevent and identify any potential threats to your business’ security. This can save you time, money, and even legal trouble.

Implications of Failure to Protect Data

If you haven’t already noticed, businesses are on the hot seat lately because of the failure to protect the data of consumers. If your business deals with sensitive payment or identification data of any kind, especially that of consumers and customers, you are going to want to invest heavily in antivirus software to ensure that harmful programs aren’t able to infiltrate your system and gain access to data that can make your company responsible for a breach.

Other Solutions

Having an effective antivirus is very important, but you can improve your success rate and reduce the amount of instances in which you are infiltrated by teaching best practices at your company when it comes to screening downloaded file types and installations. Make sure that your employees aren’t jeopardizing the company by teaching them about creating secure passwords and being careful about what they download. Using an antivirus program to supplement these measures is the best possible solution. For example, GoAnywhere‘s sftp server can be deployed to a variety of cloud computing platforms as an added protection to ensure your data is safe and secured.


If you run a business that handles a lot of data, an antivirus software is a must-have. You have a responsibility to protect that data that your company oversees. This can include employee data, customer data, payment information, or proprietary company information. Getting a good antivirus is the first step of many that you should take to protect your company’s financial interest.

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