Buying Travel Insurance after a Heart Attack

Thanks to increasingly higher standards of medical treatment, improved medications, and better individual overall health, people who have suffered heart attacks and other cardiovascular-related events, can live normal lives. It can, therefore, be highly frustrating for such individuals as these that they so often encounter difficulties in securing adequate and affordable travel insurance cover from the mainstream insurance companies.

From the often less threatening angina and arrhythmias to major by-pass and replacement heart valve surgeries, they can all make it difficult and expensive when it comes to finding travel insurance. After all, insurance is based on risk and unfortunately, many mainstream companies perceive heart attack victims as an increased risk. For this reason, there are likely to be exclusions under the terms of a standard travel insurance policy.

A viable travel insurance solution

For travellers who have suffered a heart attack or been diagnosed with other cardiac conditions, one possible solution is tailored cover that is pertinent to their specific circumstances. Such cover is readily available in the form of specialised policies that are more likely to provide travellers with the levels of cover that they need.

Using a specialist insurance broker

Whilst online insurance companies have continued to cater for huge numbers of clients, their cover options have tended to become more standardised, leading to something of a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In many of the more specialised areas of cover including travel insurance for pre-existing conditions, this has effectively ‘narrowed’ the available options on offer to the insured. The bottom line, of course, is in fact, the bottom, and that can often mean that insured individuals can then find themselves paying for cover that they don’t actually need.

Specialist knowledge and availability of cover

Apart from having specialised knowledge and access to a range of options, a broker also has long-standing working relationships with the insurance companies that they deal with. Through the placement of literally thousands of pounds worth of insurance business, a broker will also have the ability to negotiate on the insured’s behalf. They will also know which company is likely to have the cover that matches up with each individual’s specific situation and medical history.

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The benefits of insurance packages

People who need travel insurance following a heart attack or other condition could spend hours searching every available option (if they actually wanted to), and still pay more than if they used a broker. The point is that a broker who is consistently working with the insurer is virtually assured of securing a better deal than what is, in essence, a single applicant making a one-time enquiry.

One of the many ways that brokers can provide specialised travel insurance to heart attack victims and those with pre-existing conditions is through a package deal. This could include travel insurance for other members of a group or even other forms of cover.

This is just one of the many areas where a reputable and respected broker can gain benefits and the subsequent accompanying cost savings that go with them.

Pre-existing conditions

As already discussed, there are many pre-existing conditions that may be related to cardio-vascular conditions apart from a heart attack itself. Even some investigative procedures that have not as yet resulted in a negative diagnosis can be grounds for exclusion from travel insurance by some of the major insurance companies.

A broker, however, will have the resources and industry contacts to secure cover in such circumstances at realistic rates. By dealing with each individual as a unique case with their own specific circumstances and medical history, an experienced broker will be able to negotiate the best possible cover at the keenest value-for-money price.

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