The Best Ways to buy Designer Brands for Less

Buying designer brands doesn’t have to be completely cost prohibitive. After all, who wants to spend thousands when you don’t have to? Find your favourite names and shop for less by following these hints and tips – that way, you too can dress to impress, without blowing the budget.

Shop online

There are a lot of great sites offering discounted designer wear for men, so it pays to look around online before hitting the stores. Take a look at Zalando, ASOS, Matches Fashion, and Secret Sales for clothing of all varieties with regular sales – outside the standard cycles. For stylish jewellery that you want to add in your wardrobe like chokers, necklaces, rings and earrings, you can check

If you sign up for newsletters and the like, you’ll be privy to new discounts first. Flash sales sites take this a little further – sites like GiltIdeelZulily, and HauteLook offer designer brands without designer prices. You’ll generally need to create an account, but once you do, you can also score credits and discounts by inviting friends and family to sign up.

Use other discounts where possible

If you’re still a student, there are a lot of great ways to get money off your clothes purchases. Student Money Saver, for instance, have regular discount codes for shopping online or in store at a variety of labels – from designer through to chain. New discounts are always available.

If you’re not a student, however, consider making use of things like cash back on credit cards, or credit card deals. American Express, for instance, provide offers each and every month, often including cash back or percentage discounts for your purchases. That way you can get a little more out of the purchase price.

Shop capsule or lower-cost collections

Capsule collections are usually limited run, meaning you have to be quick! But can represent a few staple designs from well known brands made more affordable for mass production. Same with lower cost varieties from big name designers – Marc by Marc Jacobs, for instance, is much more affordable than the main line, but is still designer clothing.

You can still take home something from your favourite names, without the hefty price tag.

Consider renting

If you just want to look good for a particular event and can’t justify the designer price tag, why not rent? Some companies will rent you designer items so you can look great when you need to, without spending so much on a single event. Once you’re done, just return in good condition and feel good about having looked your best, without the upfront lump sum cost. This is a great way to be able to keep up with latest designs as well, without the costly commitment.

Capitalise on sales seasons

Be aware of the best times of year to shop for less by being on top of the sales cycles. The start of the new year is a great time to enjoy discounts, with Topman and Guess offering 60-70% off.  The next best opportunity falls near Easter in March or April, when retailers like Debenhams hold mid-season sales.

This is followed by the May bank Holidays, and the big summer sales in June (continuing into July, and sometimes even into August). Of course, the year ends with Boxing Day sales, your last chance of the year to pick up some great deals on the top end fashion.

Go for second hand

Many big names create fashion that is timeless – the designs themselves remain classically good, regardless of what is trending. Consignment and thrift stores are often dedicated to giving designer ware new life, and this includes a range of accessories and other similar items that don’t show wear and tear as easily.

This can require a little digging around on your part – go with patience and a readiness to inspect and negotiate. Keep in mind that minimal tailoring is always an option at low cost, if need be. Look for classic items that represent the designer’s recognisable aesthetic, and inspect items for good condition.

Using a variety of these ideas, you can indulge on designer labels without feeling guilty about the cost. High quality items can still be yours and you can still enjoy the premium experience – just be willing to compare and contrast the prices, and be ready to do a little digging to get the best deals.

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