Broadband bundles – what are they and should I get one?

Broadband can be purchased on its own but increasingly popular are broadband bundles, offering a combination of broadband, phone, TV and mobile phone. We look at what broadband bundles are and start to help you answer ‘should I get one?’

A broadband bundle is where you buy two or more services from the same supplier. For example this could be broadband and digital TV or broadband and phone.

Some providers, such as Sky and BT offer bundles which include broadband, calls and TV.

Virgin Media has gone further and offers the combination of up to 4 services – broadband, phone, TV and mobile phone.

What are the advantages of a broadband bundle?

Suppliers often have great deals for their bundled services so you can save money.

As well as potentially saving you money on your broadband, tv, phone and mobile phone services, a broadband bundle can also be a lot easier for you.

You only have to deal with 1 supplier. That means only 1 bill each month. Any support or help you need will be directed through 1 channel.

By sourcing all the services from 1 supplier it may mean they work better, or more seamlessly together.

As you can see from the advantages above there are a number of reasons why you might want to get a broadband bundle.

Broadband bundle

What are Broadband bundles?

A word of advice though – the bundles usually appear to save money over buying the services individually, however, you do need to be careful that you consider your requirements carefully and that if you go for a bundle you get what you need.

For example, a bundle will often include some freebies as well as a better monthly fee. For example¬† it may include free weekend calls. This is great if you use the phone at the weekend, not so good if you use it most during the week or in fact you use your mobile phone to make calls and that’s not included within the bundle.

Understanding what you need is very important – don’t end up seeing an apparent bargain, only to find you’re actually paying more than you need to as you don’t use all the services.

If you are clear about what services you want and how you use them, then there are some good reasons to get a broadband bundle, not least to save money!

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