How To Boost Your Startup’s Sales by Syncing Your Cloud Apps

The tech world is moving at an incredibly fast speed with hundreds of new business tools and apps being released to the market every month. While you don’t need to give in to the shiny syndrome and chase every new release, it’s important that you’re always using the most effective tech available especially if you’re looking to keep up with your industry’s ‘big boys’.

Here, we share four simple ways you can enhance your startup’s sales by syncing data collected by the different cloud apps you’re using in your business. The end goal is to increase productivity and achieve as much profit as possible.

Streamline your lead management processes

When it comes to running a business like a new LLC in California, the number one factor that determines whether it succeeds or fails is how you manage the sales pipeline. What this means in simple terms is that you understand how to handle people considering to buy from you (prospects), those who have taken certain action to indicate their intent to buy (leads), and finally those who are already doing business with you (customers).

Luckily, you can automate the different lead management processes for more effective results and data. For starters, there are tens of reliable customer relationship management (CRM) tools you can use today to collect relevant data of everyone interacting with your new online business. These apps will show you different actions that a web visitor takes while on your business properties including small actions like the pages they visit to bigger ones like the products they purchase from you. Based on this information, you can determine what interests particular leads and customers and consequently help you create improved products that take care of their needs and preferences.

If you are wondering what is CRM, these systems allow integration with other business tools like email autoresponders and analytics apps. This makes it easy for you to sync user data from different cloud apps for improved insights on customer relations and sales numbers.

Access sales data quicker

Gone are the days when businesses used to rely primarily on physical filing systems or even computer hard disks to store important customer and sales data. With thousands of cloud apps now available to secure your information in the more secure cloud space, there’s really no reason to risk losing valuable information to fires, disc crashes, and any other hazards associated with the above-mentioned legacy methods.

With cloud storage and data syncing, your business stands to gain two main benefits; one, there’s a handy backup for you in the event you lose data stored in your physical environment. And if you have a team, sharing and collaborating becomes easier as long as members have access to the cloud account in which your sales data is stored.

Most modern cloud apps also sync data automatically to ensure that you and your team members are accessing updated information at any one time. The end result? More accurate data and consequently more effective business decisions that directly impacts customer relations and sales.

Offer improved customer support

How you communicate and handle your prospects and customers when they seek your attention significantly determine their willingness to buy and remain loyal to your brand. Indeed, responsive customer support is considered to be one of the primary ingredients of success and something your new business can capitalize on to stand out from the crowds.

If you’re looking to enhance the quality of customer care in your startup, you might want to begin by investing in a good CRM solution. As we mentioned earlier, this tool helps you gather important customer info including their pain points, needs, and preferences.

Using this information, it becomes easier knowing the approach and the messaging to use when answering any questions or concerns that users may have regarding your business or products. For more detailed data collection, consider integrating other tools to your CRM and syncing data including live chat apps, email, and social media tools.

Cut down the cost of business operations

When starting out with a new business, money is in most cases never in plenty. This means you need to learn how to keep costs low until the business is paying for itself. One effective way to save money is to use free or affordable cloud apps and sync data between them. For example, you can use free CRM tools like Hubspot to manage your clients and prospects. There are also hundreds of free tools today to help you with tasks like market research, emailing, social media management, and invoicing to name a few. The good thing is that most can integrate with each other quite seamlessly or you can use third party platforms to sync data collected between them. This makes managing your business data a lot easier, not to mention cheaper.

Are you using any cloud apps in your online business and do you sync them to minimize your management and improve results? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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