Best Payment Methods at Online Casinos

Online casinos are one of the fastest growing forms of recreational activity. People everywhere are embracing iGaming and making it a part of their entertainment routine alongside Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and the internet. So, if you’re thinking of jumping on board online casinos, you may be wondering how you deposit and withdraw money.

This is certainly one of the first questions newcomers to iGaming ask. Luckily, all the top online casinos make it easy to deposit money to play and then withdraw your winnings. It is also worth spending some time looking for the best casino welcome promotions. You can find the best bonuses at and get offers from leading online casinos.

In this guide, you can read about the best payment methods at online casinos. All the recommendations below are supported by top iGaming venues.

Debit Card/Credit Card

Debit and credit card payments remain the most popular payment options at an online casino. That’s because most people have a bank account and more people have a physical debit or credit card. There are many similarities between both types of card:

  • They allow you to make online and in-store purchases.
  • You get stellar protection, including customer support, anti-fraud measures, and more.
  • Leading credit cards and debit cards are available at most online casinos.

There is one clear difference between a debit card and a credit card. When you use a debit, you’re only spending your own money directly from your bank account. When paying with a credit card, you are borrowing money on every purchase. That said, you will need to share your personal and financial details with the casino and withdrawals take days to clear.

The PayPal logo

PayPal and Other E-wallets

Most major online casinos support leading e-wallets, with PayPal being the most popular. Patrons value PayPal because it is completely free to sign up for, is versatile, available at most casinos, and ultra-secure. However, some people prefer to not have a service in the middle of a transaction and use direct bank-to-casino payment methods instead.

  • Some of the benefits of PayPal include:
  • Free and easy
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Safety & Privacy
  • Currency Conversion
  • Available at most casinos
  • Don’t share financial details

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers, or wire transfers, are the most traditional method of depositing and withdrawing at an online casino. This is where you organize a payment between your bank and chosen casino. One downside of this method is you will need to share your financial information, while withdrawals take days to clear.

However, if you value security, bank transfers are a good bet. Financial institutions are heavily regulated and must provide robust encryption and security measures by default. Furthermore, you won’t need to use a third-party service like PayPal.

Bitcoin digital currency


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide an interesting new payment method in the online casino world. Perhaps Bitcoin (BTC) combines all the benefits of the methods listed above. Some of the main benefits of using BTC at an online casino come from it being decentralized, including:

  • Ultra-secure with no financial or personal information shared with the casino.
  • No holding times, withdrawals are instant.
  • No tax or fees.
  • No middleman services.

There are some caveats to the Bitcoin experience, including many online casinos do not support crypto. Interestingly, there are some dedicated Bitcoin casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies.

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