Best Broadband Deals Review

Everybody wants to have faster access to the internet and call services. Nothing kills your mood than trying to call someone, and you don’t have cell service. Service quality sometimes can vary from one location to the other. So when you are looking for broadband deals, you need to find one that is faster and reliable in your area.


Vodafone was relaunched in 2015, and it has managed to establish itself in the country as one of the cheapest broadband fixed lines providers. Their deals come with superfast FTTC technology with unlimited usage. Additionally, they have capable routers which have 802.11ac WiFi and gigabit Ethernet. Furthermore, they have 4G mobile plans which will make their services faster. Although, the fibre optic network is a welcoming development it can take years before they have significant coverage.



  • Does not cover some parts of the country
  • Have no pay TV solutions
  • Have limited feedback hence hard to judge the quality

Sky broadband

Sky broadband is among the finest deals since its more of a PAY-TV provider than a fixed line dealer. They are the second largest broadband dealer because they have been able to maintain a good balance of high service quality and affordable service. However, their 4G mobile network is not that great. The fact could cause this have meagre data allowances, and they don’t have any mainstream broadband plans. Additionally, it offers features that benefit you as a parent like the parental control.


  • It has the parental control and nuisance call blocking
  • The network is upgraded for IPv6
  • It has one of the greatest quality service and support


  • The routers have sky lock which makes it hard for them to be used by a third party alternative
  • They don’t have ultrafast broadband packages yet
  • Its TV option is a bit expensive

Virgin Media

Virgin media is among the best broadband deals in the country. Virgin network coverage is almost half of the country, but there are plans to improve the coverage. Additionally, they have some of the best and strongest TV products. They have the parental control which allows you as a parent to monitor what your children watch. Not to mention they offer the best selection of friendly 4G mobile plans and access to various public wifi.


  • Offers fast download speed
  • Has strong TV bundles
  • It has one of the best and strongest 4G mobile networks


  • Coverage is stronger in urban areas
  • Has a slower upload speed


Plusnet has continued to be one of the best broadband deals in the country. This is due to their excellent customer service records, not to mention their high-quality consumer services rates. They focus more on the low basic cost packages that allow them to be used by most people in the country.

Additionally, they offer the pay TV services and have a range of 4G mobile services. Moreover, Plusnet has the 30-day offer contract option on their packages. This offer is amazing if you want to watch the basics and you don’t mind a slower service speed.


  • It has simple pay TV solutions
  • It has a 30-day contract option
  • It is quite affordable


  • It does not offer an ultrafast broadband package
  • Their router is a little bit dated


Finding the best and fastest deals in the country can be a relief especially with today’s rise in technology which requires you to have faster access to the internet. Always ensure that the deals you choose covers your area well and the internet is faster and reliable.

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