Top 5 Benefits of Renting a Commercial Generator

With Australia’s economy seeing a much-awaited improvement, commercial activity has seen a sharp rise across industries. Manufacturing, construction, engineering and IT companies in particular are expected to grow exponentially in the coming decade. To make the most of a new wave of opportunity, businesses of all scale and sizes need to be prepared to invest in essential equipment as they grow and expand their operations.

If you’re considering getting a generator to strengthen the power supply at your commercial premises but aren’t sure whether to rent or buy one, here are 5 benefits of renting a commercial generator that will help you make a decision.

Cost savings

Hiring a power generator generally turns out to be more economical over buying one, particularly for a small or mid-sized business undertaking short-term projects that require constant power backup. Renting rather than buying from a leading rental generator provider often turns out to be cheaper over the long term.

For a business that holds frequent events (such as an event management company), renting a mobile generator makes more sense than buying one, as your power back up needs may change with each event. Aside from saving large sums required to buy a commercial genset, renting also helps businesses make significant savings in maintenance costs.

Support in business growth

A generator gives your business access to 24×7, uninterrupted power backup so that your operations won’t have to suffer because of unexpected outages and disruptions in local power supply.

Advanced rental generators are designed to provide the specific support needed by your business. The option to rent a generator gives you the freedom to consider taking on a large order without worrying about power supply and unforeseen outages.

A large marquee

For instance, if you run a food business and get an order to serve at a big local event, you will need a mobile generator to pull off the event with success. If catering to large crowds is not something you expect to do frequently, there is no point blocking your money by buying a generator and then maintaining the equipment even when it’s not in use.

Greater emergency preparedness

The whole point of having robust power backup is to be able to respond to emergency and disaster situations timely and effectively. Power outages can be caused by a number of issues, from technical malfunction at the supplier’s end to natural disasters and human-made emergencies.

To safeguard your job site against such situations, you need to have a proper power backup system in place. The benefit of hiring over buying is that if your generator gets damaged (by a hurricane or flood or fire, for instance) you can replace it immediately with a rented machine to resume your operations at the earliest. Most rental power systems are insured by the provider, so you need not worry about paying for damaged equipment.

With doorstep delivery, installation and service support, and the flexibility of choosing the best generator that meets your needs, you can rent your way out of a challenging power situation.

No stress of maintenance and repairs

A generator system needs regular maintenance and service to function optimally. Marcus Goldman from Generator Power explains that not regularly maintaining a generator causes serious risk of malfunction in an emergency.


Hiring a generator saves you the cost of having in-house technicians as well as the stress of repairs and replacement. It also gives you the freedom to pick a top brand of your choice and the flexibility to change the genset as your requirements change over time.

Choose a reliable generator rental company that will give you a complete package, including installation support and service and repairs by certified technicians. This way you can be assured of receiving a power generator setup that is in top-notch condition and customized to your specific needs.

Access to technical expertise

When you rent a generator from a trusted and well-known supplier, you can rely on them to provide you a complete system where you can choose from well-maintained diesel, gas, petrol and electric power generators, and also rent load banks, and temperature control systems.

Moreover, you gain access to factory-trained technicians well versed in the installation, service, repair and maintenance of these machines.

So go ahead and hire a state-of-the-art commercial generator to complete specialized, short-term or one-time projects that need uninterrupted power supply. If you are a critical services provider, such as a hospital, augment your in-house power backup with portable gensets to protect key services during unforeseen events.

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