Why Being Part of an Online Community Can Be Good for Your Health

Many have said that technology, specifically the internet, can have a negative impact on physical and psychological health. Apart from its overuse leading to conditions like eye strain, it’s also been attributed as one of the causes for more serious concerns. Examples are low self-esteem and depression, especially among teenagers and developing children.

However, what people don’t talk about often is that the World Wide Web has also become a lifeline for many worldwide. In fact, people have come to rely on online communities like the AskHer platform for support and help amidst the growing isolation caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. oday, we’ll cover the benefits that online platforms can provide for our health. Keep reading to learn more.

It’s the best friend of an introvert

One of the most recognized triggers for mental disorders is social isolation. Conversely, social connection — a quickly accessible feat today thanks to online communities — can ease depression and anxiety while instilling contentment and feelings of happiness. While these virtual communities have been a line of life during the pandemic, they also present themselves as social spaces for introverted people.

A vital benefit of an online community is that it helps open up one’s social circle, allowing an individual to tap into a more global population for like-minded people without geographic limitations. And for many introverts, it’s a way to socialize without having to experience the discomfort and uneasiness of being put into social situations. As a result, they’ll feel less alone.

They contribute to keeping your mind active

Another advantage of an online community that’s rarely discussed is that socializing has a solid connection to brain health. Ensuring your brain remains active, it’ll allow you to feel physically and mentally younger. They say that our cognitive ability begins to decline after the age of twenty-five, and by making a few adjustments to our habits, cognitive decline can be reduced considerably.

Since online communities encourage knowledge exchange and discussions, it’ll keep the brain engaged and active. In turn, this will lead to a healthier mind. It can also improve mental performance since you’ll pick up new ideas and learn something new.

Creates meaningful relationships

Online communities exist primarily to group people with similar passions, experiences, and interests together. Through this commonality, it is much easier to create meaningful relationships and genuine connections. And as many of us already know, building and strengthening friendships are one of the most effective ways for boosting emotional wellness.

With meaningful and deep connections, relationships can give meaning and purpose to one’s life. Under these circumstances, you can encourage a more positive outlook and learn how to u process your emotions much better.


While it’s undoubtedly true that the internet has had many detrimental effects, it’s also had positive ones, and online communities are one of them. Apart from being a platform for introverts to socialize without any fear and create meaningful connections in the process, it also helps keep our minds active. For these reasons, it’s always a good thing to be a part of an online community.

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