Are You Rewarded For Your Loyalty?

Have you been a loyal customer with your bank, mobile phone company or been flying with the same airline for more than a year? Many of us can answer that we have, but  for this loyalty how many discounts, free products, upgrades and even cash back have we received?

From my perspective the answer is next to none. If your answer is also none or very few, then maybe it’s time to start shopping around for places where your loyalty is rewarded.

With living costs rising and many looking for every opportunity to save money, another option is to consider how you can make money. Perhaps this can be done by turning valuables into cash or improve the benefits, including discounts and free products, we receive from companies.

We need to make sure that services and products that we are using are really benefiting us. All companies claim they value loyalty and some ‘reward’ us via reward cards or offers – but how often do we check to see whether these are of genuine benefit to us or if they are simply false economies?

So what is the best approach when it comes to getting what you deserve for your loyalty? Should you just put up and shut up and stay with a provider because you always have, or should you get on the front foot and empower yourself to get what you deserve?

Making a change to any matters relating to your personal finance can be daunting – but can you actually afford to be wasting your loyalty on products and services that don’t pay?

To help answer this and offer advice on how to empower a change when you realise you’re not using your loyalty to your best advantage, psychologist Mamta Bhatia and Gillian Almond from Santandar, will be live online on Monday 24 January at 3pm.

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