Are Online Casino Stocks a Good Investment?

Since the turn of the millennium, online casinos have boomed, they have experienced huge growth in numbers and popularity globally. This consistent growth means gambling stocks are largely considered to be a safe investment.

It is easy to see why so many investors are hedging their bets with gambling stocks, over the past two decades the industry has gone from strength to strength with millions of players globally having a flutter online instead of at land-based casinos. Of course, as with any stock, it is susceptible to potential drops or shifts in value however in this article we are going to discuss why online casino stocks seem to be such a great investment!

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What Makes Online Casino Stocks A Great Investment

Since the 2008 crash, the stock market hasn’t always been kind to investors, and 2020 has been especially rocky. However, thanks to the innovation and expansion of the online gaming market, online casino stocks have remained favourable to their investors. Here are the reasons why smart investors pay very close attention to this market:

Legalisation Of Sports Betting In The US

After New Jersey’s significant Supreme Court Victory in 2018, any state that wishes can now legalise sports betting. This is a significant breakthrough for the online gambling industry, 20 states have already made the move to legalise sports betting and 6 more states will be soon to follow suit after recently having passed bills. On top of this, another 20 states have introduced bills and are currently waiting for them to be passed.

A professional soccer match

This opening up of such a large market is a monumental shift for the industry and great news for investors. Online gambling companies are extending their reach into the US market, meaning their potential for increased revenue has gone up significantly. Sports betting technology, software and interest have developed significantly in the past two decades and the industry is set to grow year on year.


Although the Coronavirus has hit many industries and the stock market incredibly hard, one industry that benefitted from lockdown is the online gambling market. Initially, the lack of live sporting events did hit the sports betting industry extreme hard. Many company’s stocks tumbled and suffered sharp drops, however, the vast majority swiftly recovered. Thanks to so many people being stuck inside, those unable to attend land-based casinos took their custom online and this has been a major factor in the recovery of online gambling stocks.

Now is an excellent time for those looking to invest, although stocks are stable and rising rapidly, some are still lower than their pre-pandemic value, and this makes now the opportune moment to buy if you’re looking for a great return on your investment. As we’ve seen how quickly the online gaming market has recovered from Covid-19 it’s proven itself to be a reliable, resistant and durable market.

Gaming Innovation

It is thanks to exceptional innovation that online casinos have seen such a meteoric boom in popularity. Software providers are not resting on their laurels, they are continuing to be inventive with games, branding and marketing strategies. All of this keeps customers excited and coming back for more.

Playing poker on a mobile phone

Great innovations such as Live-dealer games, branded slots and mobile gaming have helped transform the industry. New technologies are making online casinos more realistic and attractive to consumers than ever before, this includes exciting developments such as VR and AR casinos. Thanks to the creation of more games and types of gaming, the online casino industry is opening itself up to more consumers than ever before. With more people playing, there is more potential to increase the revenue for investors in the industry.

This innovative mindset proves the online gaming industry wants to keep pushing the envelope and furthering itself. This is excellent for investors or those wishing to invest, and it means customers will stay engaged and excited with the industry.

A Great Industry To Invest In

The stock market will always come with risk, it’s the nature of the beast, especially considering what a tumultuous year 2020 has been. However, compared with many industries, online gambling is proving itself to be of minimal risk to those investing in it. Thanks to it being such a broad market and its constant growth, investors are spoilt for choice with promising investment opportunities. If you are looking to make money in short term returns or with long term investments, in 2020, online gambling is one of the best industries for you.

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